Pam Barday Will Speak With 'Dateline NBC'

It's been nearly 20 years since 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant JonBenét Ramsey was found murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home in December 1996. The case remains unsolved to this day as investigators still have few answers. To mark the 20-year anniversary of Ramsey's death, Dateline will be airing a two-hour special on Friday, Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. ET titled "Who Killed JonBenét?" The special will feature various interviews, including with Jane Harmer of the Boulder Police Department and Tom Haney with the Denver Police Department, who both worked on the case. But who is Pam Barday? The Ramsey family friend will also be making an appearance in the special.

There have been few answers in Ramsey's case in the 20 years since her murder. But now, investigators will be speaking about the case on TV and reexamining some of the case's evidence, including the ransom note, which Scotland Yard, a former FBI profiler and behavioral analyst, suggested was staged. It's still unclear what happened to Ramsey, and we may never have the full story, but according to People, her family "has never been charged and always maintained their innocence." Perhaps Barday can offer a new perspective to this notorious case.

Barday, a friend of the Ramsey family, will be speaking with Dateline during their special and can potentially offer some insights into the family and the investigation of the tragic incident. This appears to be Barday's first time speaking openly about the Ramsay family and the investigation, and she appears to have kept a low profile over the past two decades, so we don't know much about Barday. However, perhaps her interview can offer some new details about the Ramsey family, especially since Ramsey's parents and brother were once suspects in the case. They were later cleared by DNA evidence.

After the family was investigated and scrutinized and then cleared of their potential involvement in Ramsey's murder, District Attorney Mary Lacy who played a role in the investigation, issued an apology to the family in 2008. It read:

In a highly publicized case, the detrimental impact of publicity and suspicion on people’s lives can be extreme. The suspicions about the Ramseys in this case created an ongoing living hell for the Ramsey family and their friends, which added to their suffering from the unexplained and devastating loss of JonBenet. For reasons including those discussed above, we believe that justice dictates that the Ramseys be treated only as victims of this very serious crime.

It will certainly be interesting and hopefully insightful to hear from Barday about her relationship with the Ramsey family, now nearly 20 years later.