7 Lob Hair Tutorials If You Just Made The Chop

There's one haircut that seems to be taking over Hollywood, and it's been doing so for a while now. The lob, or long bob, is the it haircut of the year pretty much, and it's inspired many to make a chop. That's why these seven lob hair tutorials are going to be your saving grace if you're one of many — like myself — who just recently got their locks shorn off to long bob status. Whether you're rocking a blunt cut or choppy layers, styling a new hairstyle is never easy, but thankfully, that's why YouTube is for.

Everyone knows that the internet is basically a treasure trove of beauty knowledge. From how-to articles to beauty vloggers, you can get product recommendations and makeup tutorials galore. The other thing you can get though? Hair tutorials. Whether you're looking for the perfect updo for prom or your wedding or how to clip in extensions, it's totally out there for you.

Plus, with the long bob being one of the most popular hairstyles in Hollywood, the tutorials are nearly endless on how to style them. Everyone from Lucy Hale to Sarah Hyland is rocking a lob right now, and they're all super stunning, and let's be honest, they look good on just about everyone.

So how do you style that newly chop lob? The internet's got you covered.

1. Messy Waves

This tutorial is perfect if you're looking for messy-style waves.

2. Flat Iron Waves

Don't have a curling iron or wand? No worries with this video!

3. Added Length

Long bobs can come in varying lengths. If you've got a lob on the longer side, this tutorial is perfect.

4. Classic Textured Waves

If classic waves are more your thing, this tutorial's got you need.

5. Beach Waves

If beachy glam is your go-to of choice, this tutorial using a flat-iron is ideal.

6. Angled Lob

If you went with an angled bob, don't feel left out!

7. Straight Angled Bob

Want to keep things straight? No problem.

Now that you've got a plethora of tutorial on how to style a long bob, what are you waiting for? Time to go experiment, but be sure to grab that heat protectant!