A Lyanna Mormont From 'Game Of Thrones' Costume How-To For Fans Who Want To Channel The Powerful Lady

A breakout star of Game of Thrones Season 6 was Lady Lyanna Mormont, who made her debut in "The Broken Man." She could very well rule the Seven Kingdoms as well as any of the rest of the players in the running, and Lyanna Mormont could definitely be your next Halloween costume. Yes, even though she's young, she's poweful and would make for a great get-up this Oct. 31.

The head of Bear Island, Lady Lyanna's meeting with Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and Ser Davos was deliciously dismissive: She wouldn't be flattered, and she had no time for vague games. Though she was hesitant at first to lend help to Jon Snow, she finally declared her loyalty to the house and offered her army to help battle the Boltons. Bear Island is one of the only houses in Westeros ruled by women, and 10-year old Lady Lyanna is a more competent leader than just about any of the houses in the North. She commands a room, makes grown men cower, and has absolutely no time for nonsense.

Her fire and sass were all the more impressive because she is approximately two feet tall and adorable. And her outfit is powerful and pretty badass, only adding to the fear that little Lady Lyanna strikes into the hearts of men. So if you're a GoT fan and want to show it this Halloween, consider going as Lady Lyanna Mormont from Bear Island, and remember to bring your intimidating scowl.


Everyone has killer coats on Season 6 of Game of Thrones — though it's a little suspect that Sansa was able to whip together both hers and Jon's regal fur numbers as quick as she did. Lady Lyanna Mormont favors a jet-black cloak with fur. You can approximate her Northern cloak with a simple black Halloween cape from Amazon and a faux fur stole. This fur from Amazon less than six dollars:


Leather Skirt

Lyanna's leather skirt is perforated, but any faux leather (or real, if you have one on hand) pencil skirt will do. The skirt above from Target would work great and it's under $30. She also wears a black belt with a gold buckle, and you can find plenty of options at Forever 21. This one is less than 10 bucks:

Forever 21

Leather Bib & Gold Band


The leather chest piece/collar is one of the trickier parts of Lady Lyanna's uniform to find ready-made. The best bet is to hit up the craft store, IRL or virtually, and grab some faux leather: this stuff is only $15/yard at fabric.com, and you won't need more than half a yard. Cut a diamond shape with the top flat, and attach it the collar of a black long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck with safety pins, fabric glue, or Velcro.

Lady Lyanna also has a band of gold on her chest, which is easy enough to recreate. Grab a spool of wide, gold ribbon, also available at fabric.com (or any craft store) draw on the X's with a permanent marker and attach it to your top.



Lady Lyanna uses her gloves to point witheringly at men and ride horses into battle. You can buy these for Halloween and keep them around since winter is coming. This pair is just $8 on Amazon.

And don't forget your most icy scowl to scare the daylight out of men three times your size.

Images: HBO; Amazon (3); Target; Forever 21; Fabric.com