Who's Appearing At Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour? The Show Seems To Be All Kanye

Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour is being touted as the best concert of all time, thanks to its sheer vastness (huge lights, foot-long stage suspended in the middle of the floor, etc.) successfully creating the sort of OMG-worthy, once-in-a-lifetime reaction that you won't forget in a hurry. And yes, when it comes to quantity, you might not stop at counting the dizzying variety of merchandise or songs or grids of lights — but, you might start asking yourself if West is planning to recruit any of his many talented celebrity friends to join him on stage for the remainder of his tour. Is there a possibility other rappers or singers could appear at Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour?

Well, though it's difficult to answer this question for sure unless one is actually West, considering that the tour is midway through and fans haven't seen any guest stars so far suggests that no one will be stopping by to perform their verses in West's tracks. Oh, and also, the stage is literally suspended in the air, so there's no way for any artist to really get themselves onto it once the show starts.

That said, that doesn't mean there aren't famous faces at West's shows. So far, a bevy of stars have shown up to enjoy Yeezy's music from the crowd, like...

Vic Mensa And Jonah Hill

Vic Mensa and Kanye West collaborated on his song "Wolves," so obviously Mensa's supporting him via the time-honored tradition of moshing hard.

Beyoncé & Jay Z

We know Jay Z was there, too, because shortly after, him and Bey shared this flirty moment:

Considering West's The Life of Pablo track "Saint Pablo" samples part of Jay Z's "Where I'm From," and during the Saint Pablo tour, West has been performing his track with Jay Z, "N****s In Paris," it's perfect that Jay Z's there to offer his support.

Chris Rock

Better than Michael Jackson? That's a bold claim.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Musicians, actors, everyone. Everyone was at this.

Ariana Grande (And Her Outfit Was Everything)

So frickin' cute.

So, if you're feeling down about the the lack of celebrity music talent on offer aside from West on this tour, don't be. If these first few shows are anything to go by, the audience of this tour is like a talent-magnet across all the various creative fields, from music to comedy to acting.