Expect To See Heels At The Miss America Pageant

It’s nearly time to name the next Miss America. So, you know what that means. There's going to be yet another round of beautiful gowns, the swimsuit competition, interviews and more to look forward to. The Miss America Pageant began in 1921, and it’s become quite iconic since then. Naturally, there’s a sense of tradition that comes along with this contest, and that includes the wardrobe. Do Miss America Contestants have to wear heels? Let’s take a look at the wardrobe guidelines, shall we?

There aren't any details about dress code requirements for contests on the Miss America website. The only qualifications listed involve eligibility for the pageant. For instance, you must be between the ages of 17 to 24 to participate. The website also lists the scoring rubric, and the Evening Wear category weighs in at 20 percent of a contestant’s overall score. Whether there are hard and fast “rules” in place or no, I’d be willing to bet that this formal section does call for your very best pair of heels.

According to the Daily Mail, women involved in the Miss America contest have been wearing heels ever since the beginning. And according to The Pageant Place, “Pageant contestants in their teens and up should always wear high heels in the evening gown competition.” They even mention a certain height expectation (one to four inches) and certain types of shoes that work best. So, expect to see the Miss America 2017 contestants walking across that slippery stage in a pair of pumps. It may not be required, but it certainly seems to be what’s expected.

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From the moment Miss America is crowned, she'll be expected to attend a number of four occasions.

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So, she'll likely find herself pretty at-home in a pair of heels after her one-year reign.

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It's not just the Evening Wear category where you can expect to see super tall footwear, either. Heels are also typically worn during the Swimsuit Competition.

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From their shoes to their accessories, these ladies are dressed to kill. Because whether it's walking across a slippery stage in heels or standing up for what they believe in, these women can do it all.