Charlie Puth Is Ready For A Certain Type Of Girl

If it were up to 24-year-old artist Charlie Puth, his dream girl would be just one call away. But no one, not even an award-winning singer/songwriter, is that lucky. I caught up with Puth — who has me obsessing over his hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore” — in Los Angeles just minutes before his performance at 2016’s Stand Up To Cancer broadcast event. Even Puth, who’s performing on national TV, collaborating with huge artists left and right, and gearing up for the We Don’t Talk Tour in September, has time to reflect on his love life. Although he’s another bummed singleton among us, he’s still got his eye on the prize.

The singer is keeping himself busy, including his plans to “put out an album every year.” No biggie. But before he can get to yet another album release, he's got a tour to put on later this month (which he says will have surprise guests). He’s already got the aids for curing tour loneliness down pat. “I eat a lot of pizza, and I watch a lot of television. I watch Narcos, which is crazy,” he says. “I’m kind of like a homebody, so I make the bus as homey as possible.”

It seems pizza and bing-watching is the trick heard ‘round the world when it comes to the lack of a significant other.

The singer confirms that he’ll be traveling solo on the road — at least romance-wise. “No significant other in Charlie’s life. If you know a girl, please, bring her my way,” the singer says. “It’s starting to bum me out.” Not that Puth needs any help landing a girl, but if a friend asks for help, I’m there to listen. I ask Puth what he looks for in a significant other, so I can keep my eye out, of course. He has but one kickass trait he looks for.

“My type? A confident girl,” he responds. “She could have purple hair, she could have green hair, she could have any color hair.” For Puth, true love means having a woman assertive enough to help him pick out a shirt. “I’m very indecisive, I’ll wake up and try on five shirts and be like, ‘Well, this shirt was very easy to pick out today,’” he explains. “I want her to be like, ‘Wear this shirt, it looks great.’ I’d be like, ‘OK, great.’”

It’s the simple things, right?

And if any male would know a confident women when he sees one, it would be Puth. He has worked with industry bosses like Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, and Alicia Keys, after all. He admires Keys so much, in fact, he tells me that the songstress heavily influenced his album Nine Track Mind. “What’s cool about working with someone like her is that it’s like history for me,” says Puth. “The reason why I wanted to make an album was because of her songs, so it was really cool just to work with her.”

So, if anyone out there knowns a confident woman with any hair color and a knack for eyeing a good shirt, Mr. Puth would greatly appreciate your call.

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