11 Literary Mugs For Fall-Obsessed Book-Lovers

by Julia Seales

Autumn is the perfect season for reading, in my opinion. The air turns crisp, and you finally get to break out your sweaters and start drinking hot tea and cider and coffee again — and of course, you'll need a literary mug with a bookish quote to show off on Instagram. (And also to keep you cinnamon apple cider warm as you get lost in the pages of your latest read.)

I actually drink hot drinks all year round, because I’m a weirdo who will have hot coffee instead of iced coffee even if it’s '90 degrees outside, but in the fall my behavior is finally acceptable again. And what better to put autumnal drinks in, than a literary-themed mug?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a fellow book-lover, you really can’t go wrong with a great mug. After all, reading and coffee go together like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. They’re great on their own, but when they’re paired up, sparks fly. And if you also add a fall theme to the mix? Well, it doesn’t get better than that. If you love reading, hot drinks, AND autumn, here are a few mugs that will make this fall perfect.

1. John Steinbeck Mug

This mug features a Steinbeck quote from Travels with Charley: In Search of America, with a beautiful illustration of changing leaves. Fill it with coffee, tea, or of course, grapes of wrath (that's name for wine, right...?).

Steinbeck Mug, $16, Knotworkshop on Etsy

2. Fall Essentials Mug

From pumpkin spice lattes to flannel blankets to good books, all of the essentials for autumn are featured on this cute mug. Of course, I'd say that the books are all you need, but the flannel blanket is a nice extra while you're lounging and reading.

Fall Essentials Mug, $14.95, TheScribbleStudio on Etsy

3. Toil And Trouble Mug

For the readers who are obsessed with Halloween, this Macbeth quote mug is perfect when you're drinking your witch's brew. I mean, chamomile tea.

Macbeth Witches Mug, $26, TheQuotedCup on Etsy

4. Jim Bishop Quote Mug

This autumnal mug features a quote by journalist and author Jim Bishop, which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Pair it with some coffee and a nice nonfiction book for the perfect fall afternoon.

Autumn Gold Mug, $20, LikeIguanaArt on Etsy

5. Marauders Mug

Is there anything more "fall" than Harry Potter? Just thinking about Hogwarts in the autumn makes me sigh and wonder where my letter ever got to. This Marauder mug will have to do for those Muggles who will always believe in the magic of fall.

Harry Potter Mug, $11, BulletBabeDesigns on Etsy

6. LOTR Quote Leather Mug Jacket

Do you have a ton of mason jars leftover from summer projects? Do you also love Lord of the Rings? This is the mug jacket for you. It turns a normal mason jar into a beautiful autumnal mug, and features a great Tolkien quote.

Lord of the Rings Leather Mug Jacket, $10, CurtisMatsko on Etsy

7. Dracula Quote Mug

Pumpkin spice pairs perfectly with monsters — if you're obsessed with vampires, this Dracula quote mug is the perfect drinking vessel for you. I just hope you're putting coffee in it and not anything red.

Dracula Mug, $12.99, AllTheBookishThings on Etsy

8. Frankenstein Text Mug

Speaking of monsters, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a classic monster tale that you should definitely re-read when the weather gets colder. And while you're reading it, drink some tea from this Frankenstein quote mug, which thankfully is just a normal mug and hasn't been pieced together from a bunch of other cups (though that would probably look very cool).

Frankenstein Mug, $18, shopnevermore on Etsy

9. Annabel Lee Quote Mug

What do autumn breezes and Edgar Allan Poe have in common? They both send shivers down your spine. Say "forevermore" to this Poe mug, featuring a quote from Annabel Lee.

Edgar Allan Poe Mug, $14.98, missbohemia on Etsy

10. Overlook Hotel Mug

I can hardly talk about scary stories without mentioning Stephen King. If you're a King fan, this subtle reference to The Shining is the perfect mug to drink from and give everyone the shivers. Use it to sip some tea and relax, because you know the saying — all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The Shining Mug, $8.95, WubbieInk on Etsy

11. 221b Mug

Something about Sherlock Holmes just lends itself to fall: maybe it's the seemingly always-crisp London weather, maybe it's the endless supply of mysteries. Whatever the reason, Sherlock and fall were meant for each other — this 221b mug is proof.

Sherlock Holmes Mug, $13.62, goodnightboutique on Etsy

Image: Etsy/Curtis Matsko