15 Literary Mugs Every Book-Lover Needs

by Alex Weiss

Like most people, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is start the coffee maker. The second thing I do is stare at my massive collection of mugs and try to decide which one to use for the day. The simple white one that makes me feel like I'm in a Parisian cafe? Maybe the Harry Potter one with the quote "Espresso Patronum"? Or what about the one with the Mockingjay symbol on it? Even though I have too many mugs for my own good, that doesn't stop me from buying more.

As a big coffee and book-lover, there's nothing better than a mug that marries those two things together. Starting off your day with an inspirational book quote and a strong cup of coffee can often cure the Monday blues. And as far as I'm concerned, no one can ever have enough mugs, because no one can ever have enough coffee.

In case you're in need of a new mug, or maybe you're searching for the perfect gift to give your book-loving friend, I have just the thing. Affordable and adorable, who could ask for more? Here are 15 mugs every book-lover should invest in right now:

Jane Austen Mug

Who wouldn't want to wake up to Mr. Darcy's romantically infamous quote? If you need more Jane Austen in your life, check out these other awesome mugs inspired by her!

"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

Jane Austen Mug, $15.56, missbohemia, Etsy

Hanging Tree Lyrics Mug

Somehow these incredibly sad lyrics from Mockingjay make for one gorgeous mug.

Hanging Tree Lyrics Mug, $15, CuppaCharisma, Etsy

First Lines Of Literature Mug

Every book-lover has to own this mug. It's mandatory. It has every first line from every classic you've ever loved on it, and honestly, what could be better than that?

First Lines of Literature Mug, $17.95, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Amazon

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Mug

A great way to start the day is by tapping your wand over your coffeemaker and swearing you're up to no good.

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good mug, $10, HilarysHobby, Etsy

The Fault In Our Stars Inspired Mug

In case you need an extra place to store your tears caused by John Green and The Fault in Our Stars, this is the perfect mug for that.

The Fault In Our Stars Inspired Mug, $8, BreezySerendipity, Etsy

Les Miserables Quote Mug

If you're looking for the mug to help cure your hangover, this one is it.

Les Miserables Quote Mug, $12.50, PenEndavors, Etsy

Harry Potter Mug

Dumbledore's wise advice paired with coffee is a combo you won't want to miss out on.

Harry Potter Mug, $17, AlchemyHomeDecor, Etsy

Do I Dare Disturb The Universe Mug

You could use this quote from T.S. Eliot as a warning sign towards your roommates and coworkers. Do they dare disturb you until you're finished with your coffee? I should hope not.

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe Mug, $18, smallglow, Etsy

Wuthering Heights Literary Mug

Just make sure you don't burn your tongue drinking out of this super-cute Wuthering Heights-inspired mug!

Wuthering Heights literary mug, $12.51, dontjustmakecreate, Etsy

Nabokov Mug

Vladimir Nabokov is known for his beautiful words, and this mug is just as lovely.

Nabokov Mug, $18, shopnevermore, Etsy

Shakespeare Insults Mug

When you're too tired and it's too early, this mug will supply you with all of the best insults you could ever want.

Shakespeare Insults Mug, $17.95, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Amazon

The Little Prince Mug

Fill up this adorable mug with the most beautiful thing in the world: coffee.

The Little Prince Mug, $13.99, InspiredTrends, Etsy

Alice In Wonderland Mug

This mug is absolutely stunning. I might not even drink from it — just stare at it until I'm fully awake.

Alice in Wonderland Mug, $18, smallglow, Etsy

Pride And Prejudice Mug

Jane Austen always has the best quotes, and this mug would be best paired with you and one of her books.

Pride and Prejudice Mug, $12.99, PerkMeUps, Etsy

Courage Dear Heart Coffee Mug

C.S. Lewis will supply you with the perfect amount of courage to start your morning off on the right foot. This hand-painted mug is one you'll want to keep forever.

Courage Dear Heart Coffee Mug, $16, NobellaCreates, Etsy

Image: BreezySerendipity/Etsy