8 Tips For Reading More During The School Year

by Julia Seales

In the summer, you had endless reading time. Whether you were stretched out on the beach or relaxed in your home, you probably made a significant dent in your TBR pile and managed to finish all those new books you got from bookstores and the library. But then, school started, and you didn't have as much time for pleasure reading. Don't worry: I've got eight tips for reading more during the school year.

Whether you’re in grade school or grad school, it’s the sad truth that you just don’t read as much when school is in session as you do in those leisurely summer days. Maybe you (and this pains my heart to even suggest it) don’t even read at all during the year. Maybe you “just don’t have the time.” That's a valid excuse, but I'll teach you some hacks that will ensure you have time for classwork and reading.

Maybe you aren’t sprawled by the pool with an entire day dedicated to your TBR pile, but you can still read a ton during the rest of the year. If you find yourself wishing you could read more in the months school is in session, here are a few tips on how you can:

1. Set Manageable Goals

You're not going to keep up with the pace you set during the summer. Accept that, and set manageable goals. Instead of trying to read one book per week, try two books per month. When you meet those goals, you'll feel encouraged to read even more.

2. Go To The Library

Sometimes what you need to encourage more reading is... more books! Going to the library is a great way to replenish your book stash without making a dent in your wallet. Plus, if you don't read some of the books and want to try something else instead, you won't feel guilty — you can just return them.

3. Read Books With Friends

Friends can be great motivation, especially if they're dying to discuss a book with you. Promise to read your friend's latest recommendation or start a casual book club. The social aspect of reading with other people can help keep you motivated.

4. Try Short Story Collections

If you have limited time for reading, why not try a short story collection? If you like to read books in one sitting, but just don't have time to read full-length novels during the school year, this is the perfect compromise.

5. Make Reading Part Of Your Daily Routine

Incorporate reading into your daily routine, and it'll become a habit instead of something you keep meaning to do but never have time to do. Start each day by reading a chapter while eating breakfast, or ditch your phone at night and read before bed instead.

6. Mark New Releases On Your Calendar

I used to miss new book releases during the school year, so I began marking them on my calendar. This gave me something to look forward to, and it reminded me to buy the book once it came out.

7. Choose Light Reads

Maybe you conquered some epic classics over the summer, but you find those same books daunting during the school year. After all, you probably already have required reading for classes.. If that's the case, try reading something light. There's nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure read, if it keeps you reading.

8. Try An Audiobook

If you like to multi task, audiobooks can help you read AND finish everything you need to. Whether you're doing laundry, walking across campus, or making index cards to study, audiobooks are the perfect background music.

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