Gabby Douglas Had To Judge Gymnastics This Time

by Michelle McGahan

The talent portion of Miss America makes up 35 percent of the contestants' overall score, so they really have to blow the judges out of the water with their talent. For Miss California Jessa Carmack, the big moment on Sunday had to be even more nerve-wracking than most. Miss California contestant did gymnastics in front of Gabby Douglas as part of her routine and that... is something to live up to, to say the least.

Douglas, who is one of the judges of the Miss America 2017 competition is — obviously — a three-time Olympic gold medalist in women's artistic gymnastics, winning the individual all-around competition in 2012 and scoring the gold in the team all-arounds in both 2012 and 2016. So to have to perform your own gymnastics routine in front of a bonafide Olympic champion in your sport — someone who is literally judging your moves as part of this competition — has to come with some serious nerves.

For what it's worth, Miss California didn't let any worry show throughout the performance, performing her routine with confidence and a smile on her face.

Still, anyone watching the competition certainly took notice of the awkwardness that comes with performing a gymnastics routine in front of an Olympic gymnast:

You have to commend Carmack for that courage — and those handsprings!

Image: Giphy