Miss New York's Comments On Donald Trump Stand Out Among Many Political Questions At The Miss America Competition

When Chris Harrison kicked off the 2017 Miss America pageant by clearly stating that the pageant isn't affiliated with any presidential candidates (Donald Trump owned the Miss USA pageant for years), you might have thought it meant that the program was steering away from any political commentary during Sunday night's broadcast. Wrong. In fact, most of the contestants were asked political questions in the interview portion of the competition, and in her response, Miss New York commented on Donald Trump in a smart way, in which she seemed to take more of a stance than many other contestants' responses.

Though most of her competitors attempted to remain completely neutral when asked about a specific candidate or issue — an understandable tactic, TBH — Miss New York Camille Sims appeared to possibly side against Trump, though she did so in an incredibly eloquent and tactful way. When asked about her thoughts on the presidential candidate (they both hail from the same home state), Sims first replied,"I think that he’s a great reminder of how our country needs to come together. If you don’t agree with his message, then it’s time to decide where you stand in this debate." Two sentences that may have initially been interpreted as support for the candidate.

But ever so tactful in her response, she continued, "As Americans we need to make sure that we come together, represent what it means to be American, which is celebrating all people from all backgrounds, whether you’re an immigrant, or a Native American, or an African American, or an Asian American."

While Miss New York did not say anything negative about Trump, she remarked on what to do if you don't agree with him and then made insightful and smart points about the state of the country, stating that it's time we all figure out how to come together as a nation to stand for what we believe in, while respecting others.

It was a certainly an educated, and eloquent answer to a difficult question, and Sims should be praised for tackling it more head-on than many of her fellow contestants.

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