9 Things That Happen When You Read The Last Book In A Series

Reading a new book series is quite an experience. You begin by innocently picking up the first book one day — a day like any other. Maybe you don't even realize that it’s part of a series. And suddenly, you’re totally hooked. If the series is already complete, you binge-read them all. If the series isn't already complete (the horror!), you're forced to wait for each book to be published. Either way, it's going to be one emotional ride.

But all series eventually must conclude, and suddenly, you find yourself holding the last book in your hands. Maybe you rush through it, eager to know how it ends. Maybe you savor the book, reluctant to even read the last sentence.

Because then it will all be over.

And then, with a turn of the page, it is.

Suddenly, the journey is over, and you’re left with a bookshelf full of read books and a mind full of thoughts and emotions. Here are some of the struggles of finishing the last book in a series:

1. You Check To See If The Author Plans To Write More Books


You simply can't accept that your beloved series is actually over. You scroll through the author's Twitter, you set a Google Alert for their name, you read through the entire Tumblr tag of the fandom. Sadly, your search comes up empty...

2. You Refuse To Believe It's Over


You just can't accept that the series is actually finished. After all, even Harry Potter made a comeback, which means there's hope for your series, too.

3. You Start Reading Books Recommended For Fans Of The Series


While you're waiting, you decide to read books recommended for fans who love the series. Nothing can really fill the hole in your heart, but it's worth a try, right?

4. You Reread The Series, Because Nothing Can Fill The Hole In Your Heart


You actually miss the characters as if they were your real friends. In a way, they are.

5. You Force Your Friends To Read The Series


Speaking of friends, you force yours to read the series. They need to understand your pain, and you need someone to talk with about it. They need to understand the intensity of your love for this series.

6. You Watch The Movie And TV Versions Of The Series


If there's a movie or TV version of the series, you watch it. No matter how good or bad it is — you're just happy to be near the story. If there's no adaptation yet, you hold out hope that it might still make it to the big screen. It wouldn't mean a new book in the series, but at least you would have something to look forward to.

7. You Consider Writing Fanfiction


There would be a way to continue the story... You consider writing fanfiction, but it's just not the same as reading the original books.

8. You Accept That The Series Is Over... But You Know You'll Love It Forever


You finally have to admit that your beloved series has ended, but as you place your books on a spot of honor on your bookshelf, you know that you'll never stop loving them.

9. You Find A New Series That You're Obsessed With


It may take a while, but one day, you're reading a book and you realize that it's the first in the series. You slowly become obsessed, and before you know it, the cycle has begun once more.

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