Who Is Sierra Storm? The New 'Below Deck' Steward Made Her Slightly Delayed Debut

The cast of Below Deck Season 4 seemed to all meet in the season premiere, but there was one person missing — new third stew Sierra Storm, who is the final piece in the new crew. The rest of the cast already got a chance to meet and hang out with one another for a little while before Sierra appeared, and they've already established a bit of a groove. But, I suppose if you're on Below Deck, you must expect for there to be something of a revolving door with the crew. Captain Lee seems to be happy to send someone home if they're causing some kind of issue onboard, and occasionally, members of the cast have left on their own volition after realizing the demands of being on board the ship. When this happens, it's inevitable that a new cast member shows up in the middle of the season — so Sierra should have no trouble fitting in during future episodes.

Sierra will be working underneath Kate, so she'd better prepare herself for a charter season full of hard work and, if previous seasons are anything to go buy, getting stuck with lots and lots of laundry duty. But in order to celebrate her appearance on the show, here's everything there is to know about Sierra Storm, Below Deck's latest star.

She's Not On Social Media

Unfortunately, that makes pre-premiere stalking for Sierra a little bit harder — but that's OK. In fact, since so many reality stars (and regular people) have gotten into trouble online, it's probably for the best.

She's Already Had A Rough Time

Dealing with jerks is bad enough when it isn't a coworker, so when Trevor harassed Sierra when she first got to the boat by telling her to smile and commenting on her appearance, it was so disappointing and exhausting.

She Will Call Out Kelley

In the trailer for Season 4, you can see Sierra calling out Kelley Johnson for attempting to hook up with multiple women on board. It's hard to tell if she's being a killjoy about the good-natured hooking up that frequently happens on Below Deck, or if she's merely sticking up for her fellow ladies. She's also seen saying "when I leave this boat, I'm not talking to you anymore" to Kelley, so it's fair to assume that something goes down between these two.

She Was An Adorable Kid


Every season, Bravo always does a "Before They Went Below Deck " picture compilation of the cast members, and the pictures Sierra shared showcase just how cute she was as a little kid.

She's A Newbie In Multiple Ways

Not only is she beginning her first season on Below Deck, but according to her Bravo bio, Sierra started yachting three months before the season. That means she won't have nearly the experience of most of the crew. Usually, this goes one of two ways — either the rookie embraces their low status in order to learn, or they chafe under the strict rules.

She Is From Florida

Another fact from the Bravo bio — Sierra is a Miami native. Many of the Below Deck cast is actually based in Florida, so maybe this will be a way for her to connect to some of the cast. It could also mean that even with very little experience that Sierra has some knowledge of the yachting industry, so she might have a better idea of what she's getting into.

She May Have A Little Trouble Fitting In

And as for the final tidbit mentioned in Sierra's Bravo bio, she "is also passionate about yoga and nutrition in her own life and hopes to bring these passions to the boat once she obtains her certifications." Since most of this crew loves to turn up on their rare days off, Sierra might be feeling a little left out — unless this health-conscious stew doesn't have a problem with the occasional cheat day.

Let's all welcome Sierra to Below Deck!

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo (2); Giphy (5)