'FNL's Lyla Garrity & Jason Street Reunite

Reunions between former TV show stars never get old, especially when it's Friday Night Lights. On Sunday, Minka Kelly and Scott Porter reunited at Cinespia's showing of Sixteen Candles held in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. If you consider yourself a die-hard FNL fan, then the following photo will absolutely make you feel things. Plus, if you rooted for Kelly and Porter's characters, Lyla Garrity and Jason "Six" Street, to end up together, then you're really going to love their reunion photo. Even though I am and will forever be a Lyla and Tim Riggins shipper, the mini-FNL reunion does make me smile. Though, I can't help but notice that Kelly and Porter look way happier than their characters ever did throughout the series.

Of course Lyla and Jason were happy at one point in time. So much so, it was kind of sickening to watch just how in love they were with one another. I mean, they even got engaged. Plus, Lyla stood by Jason's side after he got paralyzed during a football game in the pilot. Granted, she was also having sex with Jason's best friend at the time, Tim, but Lyla refused to give up on Jason and his future.

More often than not, Jason and Lyla just seemed miserable at times as a couple and had a lot of issues to face. Yes, they had a more trying high school relationship than most, especially since they both had to cope and learn how to live with Jason being paralyzed. Rightfully so, all of that definitely took a toll on their "perfect romance," which led to a lot of bitter times between the two. In the end, they just weren't meant to be, which is why they didn't end up together, right?

So, to see Kelly and Porter being all adorable and bubbly together really puts into perspective how unhappy Jason and Lyla were as a couple. If they had tied the knot, they would have never lasted. Basically, Lyla and Jason's acting counterparts seem way happier in the above photo than the two characters ever were onscreen — and here's proof.

When Lyla Was Too Positive

I admire Lyla's positivity and trying to keep Jason's spirits high during an extremely difficult time, but sometimes the façade she put on got in the way of reality and moving in a healthy direction with Jason. Eventually, it got the best of them and resulted in plenty of arguments — and then end of Jason and Lyla.

When They Argued All The Time

Really, you can't blame them. Between Jason's injury and the lawsuit filed by his parents against Coach Taylor, there was a lot of tension. So, it easy to see why Lyla and Jason argued on more than one occasion.

When Lyla Fell For Tim

After Jason got hurt, Lyla slept with his best friend, Tim. It wasn't a one-time thing either, because the two ended up spending a lot of time together and fell for one another — hard. After Lyla and Jason broke up for good, she found her way back to Tim.

When Their Relationship Wasn't Clear

Remember that trip to Mexico? Lyla and Jason shared a kiss in front of Tim. Then, Lyla and Timeshared a kiss in front of Jason. Talk about a complicated love triangle that didn't make things any easier or better for Lyla and Jason.

I apologize to Lyla and Jason shippers for bringing up a few of their really bad moments, but just scroll up and look at the photo of Kelly and Porter again. It will make it everything better again.

Images: jupid2, texasforevergifs, mybodwakesup, consumingstars/Tumblr