How To Get Instagram Comment Moderation

In an age where we interact with one another online as much as we do in person, experiencing online harassment has become increasingly, distressingly common. Ask almost anyone on social media, and they'll be able to provide at least one example of it; some, hundreds or even thousands. But Instagram is beginning to combat this trend. Here's how to get Instagram comment moderation, because, yeah, you'll want it, because, yeah, the internet sucks sometimes.

In a blog post published on Monday, Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom explained that maintaining Instagram's diverse user base and "keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression" was the driving reason behind creating a moderation tool. The feature allows users to filter out comments containing offensive or inappropriate words and phrases; furthermore, in addition to coming with a set of default terms, users can input their own options, customizing the tool for each 'Grammer.

Though it only takes a few minutes, this update could prove majorly transformative for many IG users, who now have the ability to identify hateful or otherwise threatening keywords; Instagram will effectively hide any comments that contain them. The user does not have to comb through photo comments manually, or be caught off-guard by an unexpected troll.

To use the new moderation tools, you'll need to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device. So are you guys ready or what? Here's how to update your app so that you, too, may filter comments to your heart's content.

1. Go To Your App Store

I have an iPhone, so all the photos for this tutorial will be in iOS. (Sorry, Android dudes.) The good news is that the processes are super similar, I promise. Go to your Google Play (Android) or iTunes App Store (iOS), and Updates should be along the bottom of your screen, towards the right. If you're anything like me, essentially every app that you've ever downloaded needs to be updated.

2. Check For Updates

Tap "Update!" Wait for it to do what you just asked it to do! If you're an Android user, you can search "Instagram," and when you open the Google Play listing, you should see an option to update.

3. Open The ~New And Improved~ App

Tap "Open." Ugh, you guys are so close to moderated comment heaven!

4. Change Your Settings

Tap the gear icon in the top righthand corner of your profile. Under settings, tap "Comments." Moderate away. Ta-da!

Images: Maddy Foley/Bustle (5)