How Much Are Glossier’s New Serums? These Beauties Are Worth It — PHOTOS

Glossier has steadily become one of the most recognizable names in the beauty industry over the past few months. From their incredibly sought-after highlighter to their Phase 2 collection, everyone wants Glossier. The new Glossier serums are only going to increase the brand's popularity and reputation for incredible, skin-loving products that should be staples on beauty lover's shelves. The minimalist-centric brand's serums are just so good for skin that Glossier named them The Supers. These highly concentrated treatments target very specific issues, and their sheer power make them worth the price.

The Glossier Supers, however, aren't exorbitantly priced, though. The latest Glossier serums ring in at $28 each, but you can snatch up all three for only $65. Considering that other well-known serums can reach three digits, $65 for The Supers Pack is kind of a killer deal. Plus, by buying all three, you can essentially zap any skin-related issue no problem.

That's the beauty of The Supers. Super Glow, Super Pure, and Super Bounce all target specific skin issues from dull skin to hydration, these beauties can cure a multitude of ills and by going with The Super Pack, you can get all three. However, if your skin has one particular issue you're looking to address, for only $28, you could have the serum to slow the issue.

The classic, chic Glossier packaging is back with The Supers as well. In brightly colored bottles with medicine droppers, the packages are perfection. For most beauty junkies, packaging is nearly as important as the product, and the brand doesn't disappoint.

The Supers debuted on Monday, and they're available to shop now at the Glossier website, but if I had to guess, they won't last long. After all, the brand has a history of selling out products.

If you've been looking for the perfect, well-priced skin care option, you've probably just found it in the new Glossier serums. Head over to the Glossier website to shop them, but hurry up before they're all gone.

Images: Glossier