Who Is Melissa Villasenor?

It’s the happiest time of year: The new Saturday Night Live cast members have been announced, and this year they are better than ever. Three new comedians are joining the cast for Season 42, and each of them brings with them a world of talent, experience, and expertise. Melissa Villaseñor, especially, is a face some of you might recognize. Because this actress has been in so many things already, that her name might have you asking, “Wait, who is Melissa Villasenor?” It turns out that this stand-up comedian is definitely a face you have seen before.

Because this isn’t exactly Villaseñor‘s first comedy rodeo. I don’t know if comedy rodeos are an actual thing, but I’m saying here and now that they should be, because they sound hilarious. As an impressionist, stand-up comedian, actor, and musician, this funny lady has done a lot in her 10 years in the comedy world. With two one-woman shows to her name and a whole host of gigs lining her bio, Villaseñor is far from some comedic newbie.

In fact, the reason why her face and her name might seem so recognizable is that she has had her fair share of time in the limelight already. As a top 16 finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2011, Villaseñor blew away the judges and the audience with her amazing impressions of everyone from Barbara Walters to Miley Cyrus. Not only that, but Villaseñor has a number of original characters that she has created and plays regularly on her YouTube channel. In addition to her killer comedy on America’s Got Talent, Villaseñor has also voiced parts on the Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and the fan favorite, Family Guy.

Clearly this woman is far from some new comedian that no one has ever heard of. She’s been making a name for herself in comedy for years, and her hustling has paid off big time. With all of that amazing experience behind her, I’m glad that Villaseñor is finally getting the gigs and the opportunities that she deserves.

She’s clearly one of the funniest people in comedy, and it’s about time that someone (ah hem, Lorne Michaels) stood up and took notice.

Image: NBCUniversal