'Snowden' Depicts Edward Snowden's Love Life

Edward Snowden has been called many thing: traitor, hero, villain, patriot, genius, monster — the list goes on. Whatever your view of Snowden, there is one thing he's been called that no one can refute: boyfriend. *Record Scratch* Say what? Yes, that's right, Snowden, at least during the time of his scandal, had a girlfriend named Lindsay Mills. Now, we're all pretty aware of what happened to Snowden — he's a wanted fugitive living in Russia — but many had no idea he had a girlfriend. But does Snowden still have a girlfriend? Is Snowden still dating Lindsay Mills?

The answer is yes. Mills and Snowden are still together. As of Aug. 25, Mills and Snowden are still happily together, finding ways to make their relationship work despite the obvious setbacks.

The pair started dating, according to a statement Mills' father gave around the time that Snowden first made headlines, about four or five years prior to 2013. They already had an established relationship and connection before Snowden leaked classified NSA documents to journalists. Then, Snowden was forced to go on the run, and is currently in Russia where he has been granted asylum by the Russian government until August 2017.

Mills appears alongside Snowden in the 2014 documentary Citizenfour, which is about Snowden and the events of the 2013 leak. As of Citizenfour's release, Mills was living with Snowden, although not full-time because, as the New York Post reports, her visa restrictions don't allow her to live with him permanently.

Mills chronicles her life on her blog, Lsjourney, which often features pictures of herself and Snowden (whom she refers to as "E"). The two most recently took a vacation together. About the vacation, Mills wrote:

with the end of summer drawing near. the sun setting minutes earlier each day. and cooler currents whipping in. a vacay was in order. successfully hijacked this guy (sorry twitterverse for causing such a scare grabbed essential holiday tools: bundles of yarn, bikini, an adventurous attitude. and relaxed for the last days of the season before the real world takes over.

To see their relationship up-close, although fictionalized, check out Snowden when it hits theaters Sept. 16.

Images: Open Road Films