Edward Snowden's GF Leads An Interesting Life

Everybody knows about Edward Snowden. The former government contractor took part in perhaps the biggest government scandal of this century when he leaked classified documents about the NSA's monitoring activity to the press in 2013. Since that time, Snowden has left the United States, where he is wanted for stealing government property and for violating the Espionage Act. He's been living in asylum in Russia for the past three years — but not alone. The whistleblower was dating someone at the time of his NSA leak, and for those wondering where Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills is now, it appears that the duo are still together — but given the low-profile nature of their years-long relationship, it's hard to tell for sure.

Mills, a dancer and acrobat, has been dating Snowden since 2009 — four years before his famous leak. They had been living together in Hawaii prior to Snowden fleeing for Hong Kong, then Russia, which he did while telling her that he was only going on vacation. After learning the truth about his whereabouts, she remained in the U.S. for a time (since she did not commit any crime, she runs no risk to herself by staying in America). However, she was then revealed to be living with Snowden in Russia in the 2014 documentary Citizenfour , having moved there in July of that year. Due to visa restrictions though, she doesn't live there full-time, according to The New York Post. Instead, she travels back and forth, which demonstrates her commitment to her and Snowden's relationship.

Perhaps the best way to categorize Mills' living situation is to say she's nomadic. She has a blog, and a Twitter account, and an Instagram, and she posts pictures on all of them. She almost never says where the pictures are taken place, but some appear to be taken in the U.S., while others seem to be in Moscow. Mills also spent this summer traveling around Europe, posting photos from Iceland, Poland, and other spots throughout Eastern Europe. It's unknown whether or not Snowden accompanied her for her travels, but given that he risks extradition to the U.S. in many countries, even years after his leak, it's pretty unlikely.

Without question, Mills' most notable public appearance occurred last year, when she showed up at the 2015 Academy Awards. She was there on behalf of Citizenfour, and even made her way onstage alongside filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald when the film won the award for Best Documentary Feature. That's arguably when the public saw her in person for the first time.

So while Mills seemingly spends much of her time alongside boyfriend Snowden in Russia, she does not lead the restricted life that he does. She is free to travel (which she does extensively) and have amazing experiences (like going to the Oscars) that Snowden simply can't due to his legal situation. But Moscow seems to still be the place that she most likely calls home. Most of the time.