These 9 Tweets Defend Hillary Clinton & Her Pneumonia, Because Conspiracy Theories Are The Last Thing She Needs

When Hillary Clinton's doctor announced Sunday that she has pneumonia, it appears as though some conspiracy theorists felt vindicated. This, they seemed to believe, was finally the smoking gun they'd been looking for — a damning and irrefutable indictment that Clinton is allegedly unfit to serve as president. That is nonsense, though, as some of the best tweets defending Clinton made abundantly clear.

For weeks, these conspiracy theorists have been alleging without evidence that Clinton was hiding some unstated health problems. At one point, Rudy Giuliani even encouraged voters to do a Google search for "Hillary Clinton illness." Now, with the pneumonia announcement, they had their proof.

Of course, it wasn't actually proof of anything. Pneumonia is a common illness, and according to The New York Times, less than one percent of pneumonia cases are fatal. Furthermore, the fact that Clinton's campaign revealed her diagnosis 72 hours after it was made would seem to contradict, not confirm, the notion that her campaign is being secretive about her health.

Nevertheless, some weren't convinced and decided to work themselves into a tizzy over the news. In response, Twitter informed them of the many reasons a tizzy was wholly unwarranted, especially on the anniversary of 9/11.

So, to recap: Pneumonia is common, and usually not a big deal; people go to work with pneumonia all the time; Clinton's willingness to keep campaigning with pneumonia is admirable, not incriminating; and some Republicans only seem to show concern for women's health issues if the woman in question is a Democrat running for the presidency. On top of that, Donald Trump happens to be older than Clinton and boasts about subsisting on junk food, though he's promised to release detailed medical records of his own.

When it comes down to it, Clinton's health shouldn't be mistaken as an invite for conspiracy theorists. And though some would disagree, these Twitter responses show that others will continue to defend the Democratic presidential nominee, who would probably prefer support instead of unfounded rumors.