Oh Jeez, Tom Hiddleston Will Make You Swoon (Again!) in Adorable Singing Video

Part-time superhero/full-time Shakespeare enthusiast/all-around adorable human being-slash-gift to the Internet, Tom Hiddleston, has done it again. He's continued his charm offensive/takeover of human ovaries everywhere with this delightful behind-the-scenes video from his latest film, the animated feature called The Pirate Fairy. Yes, I know: the title is absurd but pay no mind to it — because it's all about the Loki to Chris Hemsworth's Thor 's enthusiastic exuberance and cuteness. There's no shame in saying it, the man is a goddamn treasure.

Playing a Young Captain Hook in a DisneyToon Studio's film (out April 1st) — one in a series about Peter Pan's fairy sidekick, Tinker Bell — the actor once again plays the bad guy, but boy oh boy is this ever the bounciest, happiest, peppiest baddie we've ever seen. "They're all sort of dreaming about all the places they're going to pillage and plunder," Hiddleston explains before breaking into song. It's the actor's sheer, unbridled joy that takes over from there, as he puts ALL of the emotions into singing, and believing, about the varied gifts of fairy dust in the pirates' quest for total pirate-y domination.

Once you get past the absurdity of it all (or just look upon the sheer adorableness that is Hiddleston's face), you're likely to be overcome with giggle-infused joy. I mean, shit, the man is so heartily involved and excited by the character's trajectory he's all, "Look at that man having so much fun being him!" Oh my goodness. I mean, I just. I can't. He's like a human puppy.

Disney Fairies on YouTube