Dylan O'Brien's Next Film Role Will Transform Him Into The Action Hero Of Our Dreams — PHOTO

Dylan O'Brien is unstoppable. In spite of his on-set injuries while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the third installment of the Maze Runner series, the Teen Wolf actor is taking on yet another action-packed blockbuster role. According to MTV News, O'Brien is starring in American Assassin , the upcoming action thriller, as a CIA black-ops recruit named Mitch Rapp. While his latest role may come as a surprise to those awaiting the continuation of production for The Death Cure , I can assure you that his latest character is one to take very seriously. Fans will still get to see O'Brien in all of his action-hero glory.

American Assassin follows Mitch Rapp as he works with Stan Hurley — a Cold War veteran played by actor Michael Keaton — to unveil and put an end to a possible World War. As they dive into a number of unprecedented attacks, they're faced with what could be the world's most time-sensitive task. Aside from the film's heart-pounding plot, there's even a badass new poster of O'Brien's character to help build the anticipation.

We all know that O'Brien can bring characters from the page to the screen. Much like the Maze Runner films, American Assassin is a book-to-screen adaptation. This time, it's one based off of author Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp book series. With American Assassin happening toward the beginning of Mitch Rapp's journey, O'Brien is being trusted with what could be the set-up of any entire new franchise of movies.

So, will the entire Mitch Rapp series be adapted for the big-screen with O'Brien at its head? As of right now, there's no way to know for sure. But, if so, fans will get to see the actor transform into the man the books describe as "one of the most dangerous men who ever lived." If not, then at least fans will get see the fictional character portrayed toward the beginning of what happens to be a 16-book journey. Just looking at the poster now, I've got some seriously high hopes for O'Brien's latest acting endeavor. This role could catapult his career into the eyes of an older audience and continue to transform the actor into the action star he was born to be.

Plus, can I just point out how much he's seriously rocking that longer, slicked-back hairstyle? We definitely need to see more Dylan O'Brien on the big-screen. And, thanks to American Assassin, we certainly will.