Is Bethany Young Mary Drake's Third Child On 'Pretty Little Liars'? These Clues Shouldn't Be Ignored

There are a lot of things we have yet to find out about Mary Drake on Pretty Little Liars. And the more we know, the more questions we have. Like why was she lurking in the shadows when Spencer was shot? Was she actually the one to pull the trigger, not A.D.? Right now, it's anyone's guess. But if you think this lady's secrets are all out in the open now that she's revealed Spencer to be her other daughter, think again. In fact, there's a significant chance that there could be yet another Drake sibling that will be thrown into the mix during Pretty Little Liars Season 7B. Because based on Tumblr user thebestplltheories, it's completely possible that Bethany Young is Mary Drake's third child.

This PLL theory explores the relationship between Jessica and Bethany. Remember back when Mrs. D. would take Bethany on those little outings and wanted to be referred to as "Aunt Jessie"? Originally, you could take that as a kind gesture, meaning that she felt so close to Bethany that she wanted to be thought of as family. But what if there's more to it than that? Maybe Jessica knew that Bethany was really her sister Mary's daughter, which would then make her Bethany's biological aunt — hence why she was insistent on being called Aunt Jessie.


Kinda makes you look at the above image a little differently, doesn't it? All along many have automatically assumed the baby was Alison, but perhaps it was actually Bethany being greeted by her sibling Charlotte. That would also add even more depth to their Bethany and Charlotte's close relationship when they were in Radley together. It's like Dr. Crochcan said to Spencer and Aria about family always end up finding their way back to each other in the end. Having them get thrown together at Radley only reaffirmed that sentiment.

And then there's the fact that the Rosewood police mistook Bethany's body for Alison. Granted, the police in this town have never exactly been great at their jobs, but I'd like to give them some credit and say that mistaking the body may not have been entirely their fault. Since Mary and Jessica are identical twins, that means their DNA is also identical, which would mean their kids would have more genetic similarities than the average cousins would. This could've allowed the police to jump to the conclusion that it was Alison without feeling the need to do further testing, especially since the victim was wearing the same top Alison was known to be wearing that night. That mistake couldn't have happened if these were just two random strangers who shared zero biological material.

Plus, let's not forget how much Bethany ended up hating Jessica at the end. It's possible she ended up finding out the truth about her real mother, Mary, and how poorly she was treated by her sister. Either way, this presents more than enough clues to know that Bethany has a deeper connection with this family than meets the eye. This whole story started with Bethany's death. How poetic would it be for it to end around her as well?

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