Bethany & Mary Drake Could Be Connected On 'PLL'

It seems like every character on Pretty Little Liars has secrets buried under more secrets. That's certainly the case with Mary Drake, the newest member of the DiLaurentis family to announce her existence. After learning that Mary was both Jessica's identical twin and Charlotte's biological mother, the Liars were convinced that they couldn't trust Alison's mysterious aunt. The jury is still out on whether Mary is a friend or a foe, but she's definitely hiding something — or, rather, someone. A surprising truth was revealed during the Aug. 9 episode of Pretty Little Liars: Mary had another child. Though we don't know if this secret child is the Uber A that the Liars are so afraid of (that would be two out of two of Mary's children playing the A game, if you're keeping score), one popular theory suggests that Bethany Young is Mary Drake's daughter kid. However, I'm not so sure if this particular idea holds water.

At first, I was totally onboard the Mary-is-Bethany's-mom train, mostly because of Bethany's alleged motivation to go to the DiLaurentis house "that night." According to Charlotte's not-so-reliable reveal, Bethany was going to the house to kill Jessica for having an affair with her father. Now that we know Jessica has an identical twin, it's possible that it was really Mary who was having the affair with Mr. Young — perhaps continuing one from years ago that resulted in Mary becoming pregnant with Bethany. Given Bethany's mysterious connection to the DiLaurentis family and flimsy reason for wanting Jessica dead, it seemed very likely that we didn't get the whole story. But before you get too sold on the idea of Bethany being Mary's child, there is one clue from "Original G'A'ngsters" that may have debunked the theory for good.

Though we didn't get much information about the identity of Mary's other kid, we did learn one thing that narrowed down our suspects a lot. According to the medical file, the child would be almost the same age as the Liars. When Bethany died, she was older than the Liar and closer to Charlotte in age. Though it's possible for PLL to play around with a year or two, Charlotte was roughly 29 at the time of her death, while the Liars are about 23. It's impossible to say for sure, but it seems likely that Mary's other child can't actually be Bethany — but that doesn't mean Bethany didn't know him or her.

Remember that letter that Bethany apparently sent Alison, the one that incriminated her for Bethany's murder? Perhaps it was never Alison that Bethany knew at all, but Mary's biological child. It would have been easy for Mary to pretend to be Jessica, and for her secret daughter to pretend to be Alison. Perhaps that was all a part of a scheme to get revenge on the real Jessica and Alison for stealing Mary's "perfect life." Mary and her secret daughter could have pushed Bethany so far that she finally tried to attack the real Jessica and Alison, not realizing that she never actually knew them at all.

PLL spoiler account That's What -A Said claims that we'll get some more Bethany information later in the season, and this clue could suggest that perhaps she knew about Mary's other child and was referencing them in those intense drawings:

Could Bethany have been involved with not only Charlotte, but her mysterious sibling? Only time will tell what Bethany really knew, but she could be the key to identifying the other Drake.

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