Will Tom Hiddleston Be At The 2016 Emmys? 'The Night Manager' Star Could Take Home His First Award This Year

Tom Hiddleston may not have Taylor Swift as his gal pal any longer, but he does have a shot at winning over another special lady. If you didn't know, the actor is nominated for an Emmy for his role as Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager, and he's got a good of a shot as anyone at winning it. But, it's not really the winning or losing part that's concerning me. It's my fear that he'll miss his shot with Emmy because he won't be there to greet her. So, I was wondering, is Tom Hiddleston going to the Emmys? Because, you know, sometimes celebs like to lay low after a big, public breakup. I wouldn't blame him, I'd just miss him is all.

Oh, don't pretend like you wouldn't either. You're reading this, aren't you? Because of my lingering worry (and yours), I decided to do some digging to see if Hiddleston is, in fact, attending the awards show. Here's the thing, though. If we're going by attendance based on mere obligation, it's not like he has to be there. Emmy police aren't going to drive around the neighborhood to make sure he isn't cutting class. Hiddleston is not listed as a presenter, so his presence at the awards show if he attends is all about being there to bask in the glory of his own triumph.


Honestly, there's nothing I found that was concrete enough to say that Hiddleston will be there or not. But, there was an especially encouraging interview that the actor did with MTV News in July that will give you hope to see his smiling face in the audience. After getting his Emmy nomination, he told the site, "I could not be more delighted. It was a huge undertaking and an enormous labor of love and one of the proudest achievements of my short life and career." In fact, he even told the site that he couldn't contain his abundant joy over the honor. "I did a little sort of shake of happiness. There were rumblings, there were stirrings, but they didn’t fully express themselves in explicit dance moves, shall we say." Does that sound like a guy who'd miss the chance to accept his award in person? I think not.


Just because he wants to be there, doesn't mean he'll be able to, though. As per The Daily Mail , Hiddleston was still filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia as of early September, where he recorded an acceptance speech for his TV Choice award. So, you know, that's a total bummer. If he made a video acceptance speech because of filming, that might be the case for the Emmys, as well. Though, I do suppose we have the Emmys' high profile status and reputation to consider. Maybe it's something he'd fly clear across the world for. Here's hoping.