How To Stream 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Online & Find Out The Mysterious Theme ASAP

Summer is finally over, and that means two things: One, that hopefully it will eventually stop hitting 90-plus temperatures, and that the new season of American Horror Story is going to premiere. And when the show begins on Sept. 14, don't worry, you can stream the American Horror Story Season 6 premiere online thanks to FX, which has offered different places that you can watch the season besides simply turning on your TV. The simplest and best option is livestreaming it on FX Live, the network's app, where, if you have a cable account, you can watch the show on any device. Personally, what I like about FX's livestream is that you can choose your own time zone, so even if you're on the West Coast, you don't have to get stuck waiting for 10 p.m. PT in order to see the show. Otherwise, you'll need to use a streaming service like Sling or Slingbox in order to stream the AHS premiere. And trust me, you absolutely want to watch this premiere.

One of the reasons this season feels like such a big surprise is that the theme hasn't been revealed yet. Usually the subtitle of the season, be it "Asylum," "Coven," "Freak Show," or "Hotel," is revealed in the trailers leading up to the season premiere. Instead, Season 6 has been playing off of the number six's resemblance to a question mark. But, in the premiere, the show will finally have to give out answers, and these are the biggest questions that will (hopefully) have to be answered during the first ep.

1. What Did Those Trailers Mean?

Series Trailer MP on YouTube

The trailers for Season 6 featured tons of creepy spider imagery. Spiders don't seem like a natural fit, since as arachnids, they have eight legs and eight eyes, rather than six, but there must be a reason for their inclusion. An extremely terrifying reason. Six is also associated with the myth of the "antichrist," and over the course of the series, there's been quite a few cursed/seemingly powerful babies that could fill that role.

2. Who Is In The Cast?

The entire cast likely won't appear in the first episode, but I'm dying to know which woman will take the lead this season. Every iteration of the show has featured at least one outstanding central performance from the show's rotation of female actors (Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, and such). After the Season 6 premiere, it will be clear if any of these powerhouse performers will be returning. Plus, I'm dying to know if other recurring performers like Denis O'Hare, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett have big roles this year.

3. When Is It Set?

The show has followed a pattern: Odd seasons of the show take place in modern day, while even seasons take place in the past. Both Season 2 and Season 4 took place in the midcentury, and some images from the Season 6 trailers looked like they could be from a midcentury midwestern farm. But, Season 5 blurred the line between different time periods, and maybe 6 will follow in its lead.

4. Will It Incorporate Prior Seasons?

There's always been some hints that American Horror Story all takes place in the same universe, especially when characters from Asylum appeared in Season 4, Freak Show. This mystery season could finally show what unites all of these different stories — though it might be tough to explain why so many different people look the same.

5. Is There Any Chance Lily Rabe Is Back Full Time?

Because of her role on ABC's The Whispers, Rabe had to take a break from AHS, but the actor, who gave such great performances in Seasons 1-3, has been deeply missed, especially after her all-too-brief cameos in Freak Show and Hotel. And, for some reason, her name doesn't pop up as much anymore, even though The Whispers was cancelled last year. Season 6 could be her big return.

6. Could It Be The Beginning Of The End?

This may be something that fans don't even want to consider, and Ryan Murphy did give an interview to The Hollywood Reporter back in June where he mentioned AHS Seasons 7 and 8, so it may not be ending any time soon. But the abrupt switch to mystery suggests that this will be a pivotal season of the show, and that includes the possibility that it will provide a conclusion, or, at least, the first step in one, with the hypothetical seventh and eighth seasons potentially wrapping things up.

Certainly, that's not the only explanation for this mysterious approach to Season 6, but unless you watch the premiere, there's no other way to find out the answers to any of these key questions. Good thing you can stream it no matter where you are.

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