A DIY Jyn Erso In 'Rogue One' Costume For The Last-Minute Rebel

It's shaping up to be another Star Wars season, with the stand-alone war movie Rogue One slated to hit theaters December 16. That means that, just like with Force Awakens last, it's really hard to nail a timely Star Wars Halloween costume. But if you're a rebel determined to preemptively strike with a Rogue One look, the good news is that a Jyn Erso costume isn't that hard to manage.

Now, granted, we don't know a lot about Jyn Erso besides the rap sheet put out in the trailer: forgery of imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest are just a few things that make the list. Suffice it to say, Felicity Jones' character seems like the consummate badass, and there's no doubt she's going to raise hell for the Imperial forces. (Or turn to the dark side. There's a concerning amount of amorality in her demeanor, and then there's whatever shady thing her dad is doing...) So it's a very safe bet that Jyn isn't going to go out of style, and the costume will still be considered a dignified pick once the movie comes out.

Now, if you're ready to proceed, here are all the basics you'll need for a Jyn Erso costume.

A Long-Sleeved Deep Blue-Green Top

It's really hard to nail what exact color Jyn's shirt is from the trailer, but it seems to look like a deep turquoise in some lighting. So your first move is to get a simple long-sleeved shirt that veers into blue-green territory. The top image is a better idea of "simple," while the bottom ribbed shirt is probably a bit closer in color. In fact, dare to go bluer and darker if you're feeling daring.

Scoop-Neck Crop Top, $7, Forever 21

Plus Size FILA SPORT® V-Neck Performance Tee, $18, Kohl's

A Brown Vest

If you can get something with a little bit of puff (emphasis on "a little bit"), that could work well. The back of Jyn's vest in particular has a padded pattern of squares on the back, but I wouldn't kill yourself trying to sew in that detail. In fact, once you get the vest, you're basically halfway there.

Port Authority L219 Ladies Value Fleece Vest - Dark Chocolate Brown, $19, Full Source

Woman Plus Size Quilted Padded Ribbed Sides Zipper Vest, $26, Amazon

A Dark-Toned Scarf

Maybe something wide that looks a little worn, Jyn is seen throughout the trailer wrapped in the scarf. You know, it's an ideal piece when you're stealing the Death Star plans and need to be incognito.

Frayed Oblong Scarf, $8, Forever 21

Loose-Ish Black/Grey Pants

You have some ass-kicking to do, so, while they don't have to be these particular harem pants, they sure as hell shouldn't be skin tight.

Tonal Harem Pants, $10, Forever 21

eVogues Plus Size Harem Pant Black, $29, Amazon

Some Serious High Boots

Again, you want something optimal for ass-kicking, so don't go with a high heel on this one.

Faux Suede Knee-High Boots, $40, Forever 21

Brown Leather-y Fingerless Gloves

A great detail if you can get your hands on (and in) 'em.

Perrini Brown Fingerless Gloves, $6, Amazon

And Of Course, A Blaster At The Ready

Feel free to co-opt this off the Star Wars character of your choice.

Jango Fett Gun/Blaster, $12, Halloween Costumes King

And there you have it: everything you need to be the ultimate Star Wars rebel... and way, way ahead of the curve.

Images: Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures; Forever 21 (5); Kohl's; Amazon (2); Full Source; Halloween Costumes King