The 'AHS' Season 6 Theme Has Been Revealed, Sorta

All summer long fans have bared witness to a variety of different American Horror Story Season 6 teasers (each one more disturbing than the next), trying desperately to predict what Ryan Murphy's latest creation will be about. But for a first time in the show's history, fans have been kept completely in the dark... until now that is. Well, kind of. To be honest, it's all still pretty confusing right now since we haven't been given an official confirmation. However, based on the current information that has been given, it's looking more an more like the American Horror Story Season 6 theme is Roanoke . My Roanoke Nightmare to be exact. But it's not in the way we originally expected.

Earlier this summer, rumors began circulating that Season 6 would delve into the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke — a townful of people that vanished into thin air back in 1590 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The only clue of their disappearance? The word "CROATOAN" was found carved into a nearby fence post. And while that would be a very interesting topic to explore, that's not what any of this premiere episode seems to be about. Sure, I think it may be taking place in the same area as where the Lost Colony was, but we're dealing with storylines that seem to exist in modern times. And, to take it one step further, Shelby and Matt's story is being told not only through their eyes, but also through their acting counterparts in a "true crime" documentary of their tale.

After going through a traumatic series of events, the couple decided to pick up and start over in North Carolina. But on their way, they came across a beautiful farmhouse, which was built in 1792. And while it originally felt like a great place to live, terrible things start to happen... like human teeth raining down from the sky. (No, seriously.) It's unclear who or what is messing with them yet, but it's obvious some very creepy and possibly supernatural stuff is at play here. Is this thing responsible for what happened to the Lost Colony? Will it eventually be connected to them? Right now it's hard to say, but one thing is for sure: the mystery of AHS Season 6 is far from over.

Image: FX