How To Decide If You Should Upgrade To iOS 10

Since its initial introduction as a developer beta program in June, tech nerds (and honestly, just, like, most people) have been awaiting the release date for iOS 10, the latest mobile operating systems update from Apple. Well: Today's the day. iOS 10 is live as of Sept. 13. So should you upgrade to iOS 10? If you do, how quickly will you be able to get used to it? If you don't, will you be living in the dark ages? While it might seem like the answer would automatically be, "Well, of course you should update," it's actually worth some careful consideration before you take the plunge.

As someone whose primary requirements for a phone are that it makes calls and steps in when my lack of direction gets me lost, my thoughts regarding pretty much any update are colored with trepidation. However, iOS 10 is supposedly the biggest system upgrade in Apple history, which is pretty big news. The update will affect pretty much every aspect of your phone, though some elements, like your lock screen, Maps, Music, and Messages, will be more dramatically altered. The overall concept, though, is to streamline: to help your phone do more more quickly, and for apps to work better together. And honestly, if I can spend less time looking at my phone screen, then that's for the best.

I may not upgrade my phone immediately, because sometimes I'm slow to adopt new technologies; I'll probably do it eventually, though. So, should you? Let's take a look at who the upgrade might benefit, and who might be better off holding off on it for now.

DO Upgrade To iOS 10 If...

1. You have a device that's an iPhone 5 or more recent.

Good news if that's you: Anything from the iPhone 5 on up is compatible with the operating system, according to Apple. Hooray!

2. You are always lost.

Maps is one of two apps that received the biggest updates (the other being Music). Better search functions for amenities close to you — think coffee, gas, etc. — and the ability to work with your scheduled appointments to identify where, exactly, you need to be (and where you aren't, according to your GPS) will make iOS 10 a boon for you.

3. You don't have a lot of space.

Where does all my freaking storage go?! Honestly, truly, I avoid updates because I never have enough space. But according to some beta tester Redditors, this new update actually frees up about 8 percent of your storage. This hasn't been confirmed for the official release yet, but it's worth considering.

4. You love spring cleaning.

Guess who gets to finally delete the Stocks app? iOS 10 users. That is going to feel. So. Good.

5. You need a personal assistant.

Siri has gotten a major upgrade as well. She can now perform image searches and transcribe your voicemails, in addition to serving sass 24/7.

DON'T Upgrade To iOS 10 If...

1. You have anything earlier than an iPhone 5.

iOS 10 is incompatible with your phone. Sorry, dudes.

2. You struggle with this whole "having patience" thing.

According to people who updated their iPhones this afternoon, the upgrade experienced some bumps right after its release. Understandable, considering it's launch day, but if you're one of those people who's always on the verge of throwing your phone against a wall, maybe sit this one out until there's a little less demand. The good news is that the initial updating issues are resolved now, according to Apple.

3. Your phone isn't backed up.

Apple always recommends backing up your phone if you are upgrading your operating systems. It's a good habit to get into.

4. You're really attached to your "Swipe to Unlock" screen.

Because the "Swipe to Unlock" screen is no longer. The limit does not exist.

5. It takes you a while to figure out the layout of a smartphone.

The look of iOS 10 is different, dramatically so. If you upgrade to iOS 10, prepare for there to be a learning curve.

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