A DIY Jessica Jones Halloween Costume Perfect For Fans Of The Kickass Superhero

After watching Season 1 of Jessica Jones on Netflix, it's no surprise everyone wanted to be Jessica Jones, at least for a little while. Unfortunately, I'm not going to start climbing walls and taking out bad guys on the streets of New York any time soon, but that doesn't mean all hope of being the superhero for a day are lost! If you want to be Jessica Jones as badly as I do, then I'm betting you're thinking what I'm thinking: How can I dress as Jessica Jones for Halloween this year?

Jessica Jones is the perfect costume idea for a woman who doesn't want to spend a lot of money and who wants to put in minimal effort. I mean, let's face it, half of the items you need to transform into the PI/superhero are things you probably already have in your closet, like a leather jacket and a plain tank top. That said, if you're a fan of bright colors, then you might need some supplies to get your costume going. Here's everything you need to be Jessica Jones for Halloween. And hey, maybe you can get a friend or significant other to dress up as Luke Cage.

1. A Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket, $28, Amazon

The leather jacket is the most important part of your Jessica Jones costume. You could seriously show up to a Halloween party in a leather jacket and jeans and you'd be good to go. (People might not recognize you, but no one could say you didn't do Jessica Jones justice.) However, it's also the one that could cost you the most, depending on what other items you have in your closet. So, ditch any hope of a real leather jacket and go for this Faux Leather one.

Bonus: Forever 21 also sells a few plus size options like the one above for us curvier girls ($29.90).

2. Boots

Boots, $29, Amazon

If you own a pair of boots — any boots, no matter what color — then you really don't need to buy a new pair, but, on the off chance you don't own a pair of boots and want to buy some for the costume (and, really, for your life), then look for a cheaper pair, like these LifeStride boots from Amazon.

3. Jeans

Jeans, $30, H&M

Jessica Jones tends to prefer loose-fitting jeans over skinny. If you're willing to spend some more $$, get yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans to really commit to the look, like these Boyfriend Low Trashed Jeans. Or check out these Boyfriend Jeans from Forever 21.

Hint: If you want to skip this step and just wear your own jeans, try to go for your most distressed pair. Jessica Jones gets into her fair share of fights, so her jeans are bound to have a few rips.

4. A Gray Or Black Tank Top

Black or Grey Tank Top, $5, Amazon

Jessica Jones normally sticks to black or gray when it comes to clothes, so feel free to put on any black or gray tank top, like this one from Amazon, under that leather jacket and call it a day.

5. A Camera

Camera Purse, $7, Amazon

Don't want to bring your fancy camera out to a Halloween party with you? Yeah, I didn't think so. A fun alternative for those who want to protect their cameras and those who don't have cameras to begin with is a camera-printed purse, like this one from Amazon. It's perfect for holding up as a prop and holding your keys.

6. Gray Scarf + Fingerless Gloves

Black Wringkle Long Fingerless Gloves, $8, Amazon

Jessica Jones like to keep warm with a big, gray circle scarf and fingerless gloves. If you're going to a party, I say go with the gloves, like this long pair from Walmart — you'll be hot enough in your leather jacket without the heavy scarf. This is, honestly, one of those steps you only have to do if you want to go the extra mile, so if you already have some kind of gloves and scarves you think will work, put those on and start trick-or-treating.

7. Dark Hair

Black Hair Spray, $4, PartyCity

If you don't have dark brown or black hair, then you might want to consider buying a cheap wig online or going for some temporary hair color spray, like this black hair spray from Party City. After all, Jessica Jones is pretty sparse when it comes to accessories, so her dark hair is one of her most recognizable features.

And you're ready!


As Jessica Jones, you are now free to kick Halloween's sorry ass.

Images: Netflix; Amazon (2); Forever 21 (3); DSW; H&M; Walmart; Party City; Giphy