Where To Buy The FSociety Mask From 'Mr. Robot' For Halloween

Like a nationwide massive computer hack, USA Network's Mr. Robot seemingly came out of nowhere. The series was a surprisingly addition to the network's roster of lighthearted workplace dramas, but with a Season 2 so full of twisted tech mysteries, jaw-dropping reveals, and skewed versions of reality, it has become a cultural phenomenon. While Mr. Robot is making waves in the real world — especially when it comes time to look for Mr. Robot Halloween costumes — on the show, it's hacker organization FSociety that's shaking things up. The organization, hellbent on dismantling and punishing the capitalist organizations its members see as corrupt or evil, operates as anonymously as possible. Want to channel FSociety for Halloween? While you can't join the real FSociety, because you'd never be able to find their super-secret location, duh, you can find out where to buy an FSociety mask.

The FSociety mask was created for Mr. Robot, with origins that are both creepy and totally appropriate given the characters' desire to, well, eff society. Elliott and Darlene find the mask in a store in Chinatown, and realize it's from an obscure '80s horror film called — what else? — The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. The film was created by the series, but that doesn't mean you can't watch it. Eight and a half minutes of the faux slasher flick (AKA, the only existing footage of this slasher flick, since it's not real) were posted online by WhoIsMrRobot.com, and it's as hilariously bad as you remember B movies from the '80s being. It's also, unsurprisingly, hyper violent.

So how can you pose as the serial killer from this fake movie and/or dress up like a member of FSociety? If you want the real deal FSociety mask, shell out some capital for the official show item, made available at the NBC store.

FSociety Mask, $13, NBCUniversal Store

Can't score the mask from the NBC store? Another option is to don a Monopoly Man costume, which you can purchase online. Wal-Mart has a costume available for $38.

Monopoly Man Costume, $38, Walmart

However, if you can't score a costume, one super easy way to go as a member of FSociety is to make a paper mask yourself. Simply print out the photo on the NBC website, blow up the picture, and cut out the mask. To make the mask more durable for your typical Halloween party, you can fix it to cardboard or laminate it. (There's a WikiHow tutorial that will show you what materials you will need to make sure your mask looks fresh all night long.) The DIY aspect would be seriously FSociety approved.

Now all you need is a crew of fellow FSociety members to roll up to your next Halloween party with to dismantle society once and for all.

Images: NBC; Wal-Mart