Paul's Speech Mocks Other 'Big Brother 18' Houseguests & It Basically Becomes A Roast

Things are getting tense in the Big Brother 18 house. Alliances are being tested, and some of our previous friendships aren’t looking so good. James, Nicole, and Corey teamed up to put mega competitors Victor and Paul on the chopping block, and when he didn’t win Power of Veto, Paul had plenty to say about his peers. In fact, Paul’s pre-eviction speech turned into a roast of the Big Brother 18 house, and it was awesome.

When you’re living with people for months at a time playing a game, you get to know them pretty well. That means you can hit at or below the belt when you need to. Paul’s speech, though good-natured (sort of), didn’t spare any feelings — he told James that Natalie took him for a ride and he was taken advantage of, and Nicole that she was a snake, among other insults. I loved this moment, because Paul doesn’t lose his composure that often. He’s a talker (probably the best talker in the house), and it was refreshing to see him use the power of his tongue to make fun of all of the other liars in the house instead of trying to persuade everyone to like him.

Spoiler alert: despite his words, Paul made it through the eviction ceremony unscathed. Paul stayed in the house and won Head of Household, and man, you should have seen the look on Nicole's face when she lost. Now that was entertaining. Who will be evicted on Wednesday night? Will it be James? Will it be Paul? Will James and Paul combine to form their own super alliance against Nicole and Corey? With only a week left of Big Brother 18, a lot can change — and fast.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS; Giphy