When Will 'Ray Donovan' Season 5 Premiere? While You Wait, Watch These Shows To Get Your Fix

With the Season 4 finale of Ray Donovan on its way, there's going to be a long wait before fans will get to find out what happens after Ray either sticks to his principles and goes to prison or makes a deal with the Russians. When will Ray Donovan return for Season 5? First, be grateful: The show's fate was never in doubt. Back in June 2016, Variety reported that Ray Donovan was renewed for Season 5 at its Television Critics' Association, and added that the show will go in production "next year," meaning that more Ray Donovan can be expected in mid to late 2017. A premiere date has yet to be announced, but that makes sense, since at this point, they're probably not even close to finishing the scripts for the season, and, according to Variety, it'll be at least another three months before they even go into production.

But while there's a long wait ahead for Ray Donavan fans, there's a lot of TV out there, and a lot of different places to find it. In the spirit of Ray Donovan himself, you can be a "fixer" for your own TV cravings. Lacking an ensemble drama about crime and family's intersection? Trust me, there's plenty of places to find something similar.

How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise's law students are possibly the only group of people more inept at committing crimes than Ray's family and clients. And both groups are somehow always saved in the end by the graces of their superiors. Should be a natural fit for a Ray Donovan fan.


This series about a criminal undercover as a sheriff in a small Pennsylvania Dutch town was actually quite well done. It finished airing earlier in 2016, so you can watch all four seasons in their entirety.

The Knick

It's a period drama set in a turn of the 20th century, but like Ray, Dr. Thackery is the perfect combination of incredible confident and capable and deeply damaged and self-destructive.

The Americans

It's seemingly every TV critic's favorite show, and it will go perfectly with Ray Donovan Season 4's addition of Russian villains. Because the central characters are two Russian spies who love wigs and hate the idea of getting caught by the CIA agents that seemingly surround them on every side.

BoJack Horseman

An animated series about a horse experiencing depression is the best Hollywood satire currently on the air. Since that's a side of Ray Donovan that doesn't get as much attention lately, maybe BoJack will remind you of some earlier episodes.


Tough men doing tough jobs and breaking the law? Billions feels like a throwback to back when... Ray Donovan premiered, and both Showtime series feel like they are a part of a previous, Sopranos-inspired era. It's the perfect show to watch while waiting for Ray Donovan Season 5.

Images: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME; Giphy (6)