Donald Glover's Karaoke Song Is "Kiss From A Rose", As If You Needed More Reasons To Love Him — VIDEO

Dear Donald Glover, you recently appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and, while on the show, presenter James Corden asked if it was true that you were into karaoke. You acquiesced, with your usual good-humor and charm and revealed the thing we all wanted to know: the fact, when he goes out and does karaoke with friends, Glover sings "Kiss From A Rose."

Um. Could you just stop already? The purpose of this letter is to convey to you, Donald Glover, that this is just the latest in a long, long line of pop cultural outings and interviews that mean that I heart you as much as you heart Seal. (A lot. I think. This comparison may be flawed, since you don't actually know the words to "Kiss From A Rose," not really. But then again, nobody does, so it's OK). While the format of this avowal of emotion may seem a little out-there to you, think again. Just as a performance of the '70s Japanese art-form karaoke involves a mix of embarrassment, joy, and vulnerability, so too with the open-letter statement of adoration.

Your glorious pop-culture moments are legion and picking just a few to demonstrate why I am, and everyone is/should be, in love with this quadruple threat of a human being was challenging. Please forgive any obvious omissions. I am not perfect. Which is to say, I am not Donald Glover.

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

Donald Glover, I Loved You In Community

montsegrsm5 on YouTube

I know, I know. I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. Saying you like the actor in Community is like saying you like fries with ketchup or saying you think Van Gogh's best painting is "The Starry Night": yeah, and? Who doesn't? Still, it bears repeating: You were at your goofball best. You were a little silly, but you remained a 3D realization of a thinking, feeling human being rather than a fun sidekick, there to be the butt of the punchline.

Donald Glover, I Loved You In Girls

Amber Gonzalez on YouTube

I loved your storyline: how Hannah frames their breakup as being about his Republican politics, when it's actually about his criticism of her work. And yeah: how often do you get a nuanced, mostly positive depiction of a 20something Republican on a TV show as left-leaning as Girls? Whatever your political perspective in real life, this made for interesting viewing.

Donald Glover, I Love That You Pursue Your Varied Interests & Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

NewHipHopMusic on YouTube

I like that you're not into putting yourself into a neat box. You do all the things. You wrote on 30 Rock. You do stand up. You act. You have a music career. But really. Not like other actors who have musical side projects that we support because we like the actors, but a career where, if you stopped acting tomorrow, you could presumably still support yourself, because this music is great. I had Because The Internet on loop for a month, and I liked the trippy, ambitious concept behind STN MTN / Kauai, which details you falling asleep and dreaming you "ran Atlanta" before waking up on the Hawaiian island, Kauai. No wonder you're so good at karaoke. I would be too, maybe, by this stage.

Donald Glover, I Love Atlanta

I like how life imitates art here, because you're a rapper in real life, and you're a rapper trying to make it in a competitive industry here. But what I love here is that you're kind of an everyman, but the show isn't boring. How could it be? You've previously described it as being like "Twin Peaks with rappers."

Donald Glover, Your Name Is Donald Glover

I hate to emphasize the obvious, but your surname has the word "love" in it, almost like you're straight out asking me for an open-letter of devotion. Also, I'm a big fan of gloves in chilly weather, which means I'm a sucker for your name, just like I am for you and you are for Seal.

It feels hard to close this letter. There's so much more I'd like to tell you. But, this isn't like a creepy-stalker letter. It's a respectable 700 word+ fangirling session masquerading as an article, and therefore I should keep this relatively short and sweet. Donald Glover, I (g)love(r) you.

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