Steve Martin Continues to Be the Best in 'Home' Mini-Movie, 'Almost Home'

Put Steve Martin in anything and it's a near-guarantee that this writer, at least, will be on board. The consummate funnyman is slated to star in Dreamworks' upcoming animated feature, Home. But, no doubt thanks to his perma-guffaw-inducing state, the folks in charge have decided to create and release a mini-movie, featurette, cutesy video promotional thingy — whatever you want to call it — titled Almost Home, first.

a pre-cursor to the dealings in the slated-for-November release, Almost Home follows Captain Smek (Martin) as he searches the known universe for a habitable planet on which they may seek refuge from their mortal enemy. Turns out that while there are plenty of planets to choose from, not a one is fit for the aliens. Except (as you learn in the end) Earth, of course.

Home follows a goofy and lovable alien race — like the Despicable Me minions but with suckers for feet, with less yellow — as they invade Earth in order to hide out from the aforementioned bad-baddies. When one lowly alien (Jim Parsons) accidentally notifies said enemies of his whereabouts, he is forced to go on the run with a teenage girl. The two become unlikely buddies as they set off on a globe-trotting adventure to right wrongs and save face. And ultimately, natch, learn what it really means to be a human. The film also stars Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. Aww shucks.

Check out the video, below. Home lands in theaters on November 26, 2014.

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Image: DreamWorks