Jared Leto's Instagram Account is Wonderfully Insane: 10 Reasons You Need to Follow The Oscar-Winner

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Jared Leto is a bit of an enigma in Hollywood. Celebrated actor? Yes, most certainly. Especially after his oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club which was deemed a major "comeback" for the actor. Successful rockstar? Yep, he does that too. Hello, 30 Seconds to Mars and all of your many millions of albums sold all over the world. Ageless alien robot being? POSSIBLY. He and Pharrell either share the same diet and skincare regimen or both come from the same planet of ridiculously good-looking and successful beings who never ever get older. I'm not convinced which is the truth here.

In any case, when Leto isn't busy winning Oscars,congratulating dreamers, being a his brother's #1 fan, or making everyone jealous by being BFF's (best friend or BOYFRIEND forever) with Lupita Nyong'o...he's Instagramming up a storm! Leto's account is chock-full of those luscious locks, A-list celebs, adorable shout-outs to his mom, and the most eclectic hat collection on this here planet. Seriously, just go follow @JaredLeto, you will NOT be disappointed for many, many reasons. Here are a few of our favorite.


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