Is Amy Schumer's 2016 Emmys Date Ben Hanisch? She's Taken Him To Award Shows Before

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends! And, no, I’m not talking about Christmas. Not yet, at least. (Although if you ask the overeager saleslady at my local big box store, it's definitely the season.) I’m talking about awards season, people! And kicking off this very special season worth celebrating is the 2016 Emmys. The nominations are in, the lineup is set, and now it’s just a matter of welcoming all of those amazing television stars on to the red carpet. Of course the question that I want answered even more than “Who are they wearing?” is “Who are they bringing as their dates?” Because for a star like Amy Schumer — who started dating her beau Ben Hanisch since the last Emmys ceremony — I’m dying to know: Is Amy Schumer’s 2016 Emmys date Ben Hanisch?

If I have my way then yes, he will be. But unfortunately I’ve lost Schumer’s telephone number, and it’s been ages since we’ve talked, especially about her personal life (falling outs happen, people!), so I’m not entirely sure she’s going to take my suggestion for how to handle this whole Emmys date thing. However, she has been taking Hanisch to a number of red carpet events since going public with their relationship in early 2016. She’s even written about how they met in her recently published memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At the 2015 Emmys, Schumer brought her sister and manager, Kim Caramele, as her date, which seemed fitting since Caramele has also starred in the Emmy-nominated show Inside Amy Schumer. But given the amount of time Schumer and Hanisch have been spending together these days — the two recently took a romantic trip to Paris where they both unromantically contracted food poisoning — I have a feeling that she will keep him close by during this awards season.

And if this is his year to join her at the 2016 Emmys, then all the better. Bonus points for both of them if they let Ryan Seacrest interview him on the red carpet.