Are Shelby & Matt From 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Real People? Their Story Is Complicated

Well, the Season 6 premiere of American Horror Story did not exactly spill the beans about a theme right off the bat. It's still all a little bit of a mystery but from what little information fans have been given, we can at least ascertain that a young couple named Shelby and Matt moved to the area of North Carolina, where the Roanoke Colony once lived, after a tragic accident resulted in them losing a pregnancy. The episode claimed that this dramatization of the events that this couple endured was based on a true story. So, are Shelby and Matt from AHS Season 6 real people?

They are certainly trying to make us believe they are. After moving into an absurdly huge home, Matt's sister moves in with the couple because weird/terrifying things keep happening to Shelby whenever Matt is away. The whole episode reminded me of one of those My Ghost Story kind of shows where each episode is a dramatic reenactment of an event where someone is narrating through their story. Obviously those people and their stories are supposedly real, and this episode was claiming true events and real people. Could that be the theme? A new story every week?

Whether they are real people or not, the AHS Season 6 premiere definitely had heads scratching and people asking questions. Maybe that's what they are going for? I am still a little confused myself. Hope all will become clear in the next few episodes.

Images: FX