Is Too Faced Releasing A Mini Sweet Peach Palette? Jerrod Blandino's Insta Tease Arouses Curiosity — PHOTO

OMG, you guys. What is this? IDK what it is, but it sure is cute. Minis of anything are always met with an "Aw! Look how adorbs" response. And that exactly my reaction to an Instagram post from Too Faced's co-founder and creative guru Jerrod Blandino. Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette was an instant hit when it launched earlier this year and remains sold out. So when Blandino posted a shot of a tiny Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette — at least we think that's what it is— in his hand, Too Facers went nuts with curiosity. Yes, I include myself in that bunch. However, Blandino, who is the master of the social media tease and who often takes to his personal Instagram to share sneak peeks of upcoming Too Faced products, provided zero context about what it is.

He did joke that it was either a mini Sweet Peach palette or a giant’s hand. Could this be a promo item? The work of Photoshop, making the palette look tiny and his hand look huge? A new addition to the Sweet Peach collection, which will also include Sweet Peach Glow? A Too Faced Christmas surprise? A single-serve blush? A single eyeshadow? A one-off highlighter? A tin of lip balm?

Well, we have no idea. It could be as simple as a super creative hint suggesting that the Too Faced Peach Palette is ready to return.

It's absolutely presh! But what is it? Sorry guys, I got nothin' other than the guesses and suggestions I made previously.

Here is a sampling of the comments from Too Facers. Their guesses are all legit possibilities. But one thing I noticed popping up repeatedly in this post's comments? Fans keep asking the brand to make the Sweet Peach Palette a permanent addition to the Too Faced lineup. Maybe that's what Blandino was getting at with this mini?

Or maybe this was his adorbs way to remind us that the Sweet Peach Palette is restocking in November?

We can only hope.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2)