Is 'Orphan Black' On Netflix? Clone Club Needs To Celebrate Tatiana Maslany's Emmy Nomination

If you ask me, I believe that the superb Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy nomination per each of the Leda clones she plays in the BBC America sci-fi drama, Orphan Black. I suppose that's not fair to the rest of the leading actress field, but which other TV star can embody a career bad girl from working class England, a pregnant Ukranian survivalist, and a merciless soccer mom, all in one episode? It was the least the Academy could do to have given Tatiana Maslany the one Emmy nod for this year. She was up for the trophy in 2015 too, but lost to Viola Davis for How To Get Away With Murder. Season 4 of Orphan Black was a big one for Maslany (when isn't it?), since it took the clones deeper down the rabbit hole as they investigated a suspicious fertility clinic with ties to Neolution. And Maslany expanded her role even further, adding hacker MK to the Leda family and spending more time with the deceased Beth in illuminating flashbacks. If you're not caught up on the show, you might not realize just how overdue Maslany is for the win. So is Orphan Black streaming on Netflix?

Orphan Black is only available on disc rental with Netflix. As Variety reported, streaming rights are exclusively with Amazon Prime. However, only Seasons 1 through 3 are currently included in a Prime membership. Season 4 episodes are available at $2.99 a pop or $17.99 for the whole ten-episode season. You can also purchase episodes from iTunes. Amazon Prime has not announced when Season 4 will be on subscription streaming.

I miss this show terribly during hiatus, so I can't help but make up head canons about what the sestras are up to right now. What might a Clone Club Emmy party look like? Maybe something this:

Alison Would Be The Hostess

As if she would let anyone else try. Alison has been tested not only in the wild west of drug deals and covert biological experimentation, but also in the neighborhood ladies book club and the PTA. She's a pro.

Helena Would Make The Snacks & Donnie Would Serve Them

They'd probably be made out of some unidentified cured meat. No one would try any of it except Donnie (and he'd make a secret trip to the kitchen to spit it out), but her sestras would be proud of her anyway.

Sarah & Felix Would Provide Outfit Commentary

Season 4 confirmed that even badass Sarah Manning is helpless in the face of trashy, reality TV. She and her brother Felix would roast every red carpet misstep between slugs of straight whiskey.

Cosima Would Be Happy Everyone Else Was Having Fun

Cosima couldn't be less interested in celebrities or award shows, but she's a kind soul who loves it when the people she loves are having a nice time.

Krystal Wouldn't Be There, Because She'd Talked Her Way Into An After-Party

Really, she stole a catering uniform and sneaked in. But she'd still brag about it for weeks afterwards, long after everyone stops listening.

It's definitely going to be a Clone Club celebration if Maslany comes out on top at the Emmys this year. Tune in on Sunday, Sep. 18 to see if she wins it!

Images: Ken Woroner/BBC America; Giphy (5)