On 'The Fosters,' Mike's Girlfriend Dani Needs To Stop Giving Brandon Advice

Three strikes and you're out. Mike's new girlfriend, Dani, the not-so-recovered alcoholic, is really poking her nose where it doesn't belong. And we're sick of it. On last week's episode of ABC Family's The Fosters , Dani decided that she would try to convince Brandon to stay by making over his room — which would've been fine, if she didn't overstep her boundaries this week. On Monday night, Dani started giving him advice about Callie and now we're questioning her motives.

When the show introduced Dani, we were kind of okay with Mike having a girlfriend, but something just seemed off with her. And that off thing just keeps getting worse and worse and ruining everything for everyone. In the past few weeks, she's made a series of questionable decisions and now we're wondering whether or not she's just there to screw everything up for everyone.

On Monday night, Dani thought it was totally her place to talk to Brandon about Callie and how he should be trying to get her back. Which really just made us roll our eyes because she knows nothing about what went down. Just like we rolled our eyes when she wanted to move in right away and be Brandon's mom, when she forked over $900 to get him to like her, and when he caught her drinking. But her advice during Monday night's episode, really spiraled things out of control for Brandon and Callie — who were doing their best to be friends — and now we're just done with her. And here's why:

Strike 1: Asking Brandon To Pretend He Didn't See Her Drinking

Dani's supposed to be a recovering alcoholic — Mike met her in rehab and their relationship blossomed from there — so what the hell is she doing in a bar? And what the hell is she doing TAKING SHOTS in a bar when she's supposed to be sober? Was she just trolling rehab to pick up a vulnerable guy to be her boyfriend — there's something really fishy about this.

It also didn't seem sincere at all when she tried to talk to Brandon about the incident. She kind of just blackmailed him into keeping his mouth shut by promising that she wouldn't tell Mike what HE was doing in the bar that night. That's a great attempt at parenting a teenager — NOT.

Strike 2: Giving Brandon The Money

This wouldn't be so bad if, on Monday night, Brandon didn't have to come clean about bribing Anna. First, Brandon shouldn't have done that with the money at all — he also shouldn't have hoarded it to give to Callie either, but whatever. But what's even worse is that Dani just handed over $900 in an attempt to gain his trust and respect. Which again, is terrible parenting and we can't understand why she thinks she should move in and be Brandon's surrogate mother.

Brandon could've admitted to giving the money to Anna sooner and then no one would be being blackmailed and he wouldn't have to feel guilty about ratting out Dani for playing banker. She just interfered and made things exponentially worse. Good job, Dani.

Stike 3: Giving Brandon Advice About Callie

YOU ARE NOT HIS MOM. Dani's entire argument for why Brandon and Callie could be together now was that he's living in his dad's house and they're not under the same roof. She also put the idea in his head that they're adoptive siblings — thus making them not real siblings so it's totally not weird for them to kiss. (A logic that brought Callie to tears and to the conclusion that Brandon was saying that Stef and Lena wouldn't be her "real moms.") Brandon was sulking about Wyatt being back and hanging around with Callie — so, in an even WORSE moment — Dani suggested that he fight for her and she turned this into a battle.

She told Brandon that he's giving Callie the space she needs to get over him, but not the space he needs to get over her. Which is total bullshit, but because Brandon is a high schooler with a broken heart he was just like, "YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT, PRETEND MOM." So he wrote Callie a song and thought by singing it to her, she's fall right back into his arms and be totally okay with dating him in secret. WRONG. He also confronted about it at the Winter Ball, yelled in her face like a jerk, and forced her into lying about having sex with Wyatt so he could let her go. All because Dani couldn't just MIND HER OWN BUSINESS about things that have nothing to do with her.

Our Verdict

If Mike doesn't decide that Dani needs to go after finding out that she gave Brandon all of the money, I will totally lose my faith in him. She's proven three times that she's the worst and that she's not fit to be around his son — and that's not including her pushing her way into moving in way too fast and trying to turn him against Stef and Lena. We need to know her motive soon or she needs to get kicked to the curb before she screws anything else up for Brandon and the entire Foster family.

Image: ABC Family