Is 'The Affair' On Netflix? You Can Stream The Show In Many Places

Since it's time for the 2016 Emmy Awards, it's the perfect time to catch up on series that netted major nominations like The Affair. Can you stream The Affair on Netflix? Unfortunately, you can not, because the series isn't available from the streaming giant. But, there are several places that you can stream the series in order to catch up. And, in addition to broadening your TV horizons and watching some different series with different points of view, there are plenty of reasons to check out The Affair.

The show's 2016 Emmy nominations all center around one thing: The Affair's amazing cast. The story, of two philandering spouses whose new relationship overlaps with complications stemming from the families they married into, is interesting, but where the show really shines is when it comes to the performances. Noah and Allison, the central lovers, are played by The Wire's Dominic West and Luther's Ruth Wilson, and both are brilliantly selfish in their performances, as each part of the show takes place from one of their perspectives, meaning that, occasionally, the same events are shown to be different in their memories. The two characters are just shy of being total monsters (especially Noah), but you're still compelled to root for them to be together, even though they're so destructive. And, the second season develops Noah and Allison's former spouses, too, played by Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson, who are even more naturally sympathetic and fascinating.

The story is unexpected, the themes deal with both the boundaries of falling in love and the trauma of losing a child, and, while the murder mystery at the series' core is a little disinteresting, it's still incredibly addictive. When the third season premieres, you're going to want to find out what happens after Season 2's cliffhanger finale. So, have I convinced you to stream The Affair? Great! Here's all of your non-Netflix streaming alternatives.

The natural choice: The Affair airs on Showtime, and if you have it in your cable package, or are willing to subscribe for their standalone streaming package, you can stream Seasons 1-2 on the Showtime site.

Showtime Anytime

And if you prefer, you can access Showtime and The Affair through the network's app.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Because Showtime is savvy, it knows that some people love streaming through other platforms. If you have Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Prime, you can add Showtime to your package and watch The Affair.


And the same goes for Hulu — you can watch The Affair on Hulu.

Playstation 4 Vue

That's right — you can watch TV on consoles now. If you have a Playstation, you can add Showtime to your Vue and it will cost a little extra per month, but you can watch The Affair, so it's probably worth it.


And if you have a Roku, you can add Showtime in order to stream The Affair there. It's still possible to catch up with plenty of time before Season 3 premieres, so now is the time, especially for TV fans.

Image: Steven Lippman, Mark Schafer/SHOWTIME (8)