5 'HIMYM' Characters Who Didn't Get to Say Goodbye

How I Met Your Mother's well-defined end point has made the show's final season feel much like a countdown. In many ways, the show's last season has been like one long goodbye. So Monday night's episode gave some of the more notable secondary characters a final sendoff: Ranjeet, Jeanette, Scooter, Zoe, etc. But along the way, HIMYM missed some notable characters who deserve their own last goodbyes:


Monday night's episode said goodbye to some of Ted's notable former flames. But what about one of his most notable former flames: the woman who almost became The Mother? The last time we saw Victoria, she had returned to Germany and was in possession of Robin's locket. But what's going on in her life besides baking? Does she get back with Klaus?


Okay, although the focus of the show is Ted's potential soulmates, Barney's exes really got the shaft. Remember Nora? Robin's co-worker, Barney's former girlfriend, served as a catalyst to Barney and Robin getting back together? We pretty much have no idea what happened to her after the breakup, or if she even stayed in the broadcasting business. But more importantly, does she still play laser tag?


Speaking of Barney's former flames, what about the woman he was actually engaged to before Robin, stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold Quinn? She seemed to be doing surprisingly well when we last saw her at Barney's bachelor party, but how does her life end up? Does she find a partner who doesn't try to "save" her from her chosen career path?


And what about the former flames of the bride? You might not remember Nick, who was apparently the host of a public access cooking show, but you probably remember his abs, which were glorious. He and Robin were in a relationship for quite a while, but things didn't work out because he was too sensitive and needy for Robin and well, a little dumb. The last time we saw him, he was being broken up with and crying, so maybe he finally found met his Mother (no, not like that!).


Daphne had the unfortunate luck of being a big part of a largely pointless final season storyline: the journey of Marshall Eriksen to Barney and Robin's wedding. And sure, she was a little brash, but she was a huge help to Marshall and little Marvin. She was last seen at her daughter's spelling bee, so hopefully they've been able to patch things up in their relationship.