What Rihanna x Puma Creeper Colors Are Being Restocked On Sept. 29? Get Ready For These To Return

There's nothing like an original — especially when the originals are the Rihanna Puma Creepers, which are being restocked soon. That's right, even if the clamoring crowds of Rih fans got the best of you last time the Creepers went live, it's a new day. Or more accurately, it'll be a new day in a short 14. On Sept. 29, the Puma creepers will be back in a few different colors, according to Puma's Instagram.

The best thing about Rihanna doing sneakers is it encourages fans to live a Rihanna lifestyle, meaning wear these with absolutely anything you want — if you're lucky enough to snag them, that is. An aspirational goal, perhaps, but the universe owes you from when you missed out on the latest Kyshadow restock, no? Rihanna would no doubt wear them with a ballgown, hiking in some beautiful locale, and I'll do my best to live the same way. These are the perfect transitional fall shoe, if boots aren't up your alley. Vastly more mobile, too.

So, what colorways are coming back this month? The shoes may or may not come in the trendy millennial pink of the moment, but you'll be able to scoop up the three original colors — black with a white stripe, all-over white, and tan. Classics don't age, so you'll have any of these bad boys for years to come, whereas in two months milennial pink might seem almost dated.

Black like the night/your heart (and they won't show dirt)!

The spiffiest, most high maintenance option... but Rihanna wouldn't let that stop her.

This is practically the color of fall leaves. I assume Rihanna lives in an eternal summer, but this just goes to show the extent of her imagination.