Girl In Dinosaur Costume Elected Homecoming Queen

Listen, I hated high school just as much as the next human, but if there were ever a case for apprehending a time machine and yanking yourself back to the Dark Days Of High School Yore, then it's the awesomeness of this Homecoming Queen dressed in an inflatable dinosaur costume. Sarah, a 17-year-old senior from Colorado who just put all of your Homecoming attire to shame in a single blow, went positively prehistoric for her last Homecoming Dance — and it was clear once the votes were tallied for the night that her peers approved. The question is, who do we want to be more? Sarah the awesome inflatable dinosaur queen, or the people who were lucky enough to witness her in her full glory?

"I bought the costume because I thought it would be hilarious and make my friends laugh, and also I love Jurassic World and want Chris Pratt to be my friend," Sarah tells Bustle over Twitter. "When I found out we won it was so great and I started to laugh because of how ridiculous the whole thing was, and yeah it was just awesome."

Forget The Princess Diaries, guys. This is royalty in the modern age. BEHOLD HER WITH YOUR UNWORTHY EYEBALLS.

This actually wasn't the first time Sarah debuted the dinosaur inflatable. The true American hero wore it first to a Powderpuff game the week prior, #repping by playing in the first half and cheering everyone on by running around the track for the second half. I think I can speak for every human in existence when I say that that would be the best motivator to slay my enemies imaginable.

Her boyfriend Alex was also crowned Homecoming King — sans dinosaur costume, but you know what they say. Only one person can wear the inflatable dinosaur costume in the relationship.

"This is the first thing I bought with my very first paycheck, and it's so cool that my parents and Alex's parents and all the students and staff have been so supportive and I'm just overwhelmed at the attention this is getting," writes Sarah to Bustle.

Real talk, though: I NEED TO KNOW what her plans are for prom. And clearly so does Chris Pratt, because if he is not DJ-ing it with his raptor squad then I just don't know what to believe in anymore.

Images: sarahmac2859/Twitter