This Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss & Liner Pairing Is A Game Changer For Fans Of These Lippies — PHOTO

It's her Lip Kit and she'll wear them however she wants to! Kylie Jenner is an excellent source of inspo for how to wear her lip products, because duh. She creates them and therefore it's her vision. She gets to play with prototypes and has endless access to the products, so she can come up with custom pairings and ways to wear her products. That's why it's good to be the boss, as opposed to simply a boss. Jenner paired a classic Lip Kit liner with an OG Kylie Gloss shade for a bomb AF, mega shiny but super precise nude lip. This combo is a flawless execution and it's further proof the deciding to sell her liners as singles was a brilliant idea. It truly opened up the makeup playing field for her customers.

She rocked the Dolce liner with Literally gloss and the two were pretty much made for each other. Since Kylie Glosses are pigmented, thick, and opaque, lining lips with pencil prior to application is smart. It keeps the look in check, clean, and sexy.

Jenner's look is super dramatic right now, thanks to her bleach blonde hair, which she debuted ahead of NYFW. Plus, her eye makeup in this shot is likely courtesy of her Bronze Kyshadow palette.


Jenner is heavily bronzed and blushed in this Insta shot, as well. But all I can focus on is her lips. They are the softest, most subtle element of an otherwise bold look.

The makeup mogul also rocked the maroon Leo Lip Kit, which was another super strong juxtaposition against those platinum strands.

Dolce K Lip Liner, $14, Kylie Cosmetics

Dolce is a deep, beige nude and it's perfect for shaping lips and for giving the gloss a base to which to adhere. To get Kylie's look, line lips and then fill in the surface with Dolce K.

Literally Gloss, $15, Kylie Cosmetics

The Literally gloss is a mid-toned, neutral nude. It looks like the Dolce liner and Literally gloss are soulmates.

I paired Dolce K liner and Literally gloss in this shot... with much different Insta lighting, mind you.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (2); Amy Sciarretto (1)