Nobody Is Worthy Of The Majestic Cookie Fry

Folks, I have a very, very important announcement: Cookie fries are a thing. I repeat: COOKIE FRIES are a thing. These majestic food hybrids are cookies that are also fries, and they come from Texas. As someone born and raised in the Lone Star State, I have to say, I have never been more proud of my home turf. Texas, you’re glorious.

Cookie fries are the brainchild of Isaac Rousso. First introduced this year at the State Fair of Texas, the fries are just what they sound like: Cookies (in chocolate chip or sprinkle flavors) that are cut to look like french fries and deep fried. Instead of ketchup on the side, you get milk chocolate or strawberry sauce. In a video about foods at the fair, Rousso describes his creations, saying, “They come out nice and warm and chewy, just like a regular cookie when they come out of the oven. They also become kind of a sweet, crunchy butter cookie.” Um, where do I sign up?

Rousso and his State Fair Cookie Fries recently won the title of “Most Creative” at the Big Tex Choice Awards. (The title of “Best Taste” when to Fried Jell-O, which sounds both bizarre and possibly amazing. Gotta love state fairs, right?) This isn’t the first time that Rousso has gotten inventive with his state fair treats. In previous years, he's introduced a Smoky Bacon Margarita, Fried Pop Tart, and Deep Fried Cuban Roll.

Rousso’s cookie fries will be available at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas from September 30 to October 23, but locals will also soon be able to get them at the new state fair-themed restaurant that Rousso is opening inside a Wal-Mart in Plano on September 20. Called “State Fair Treats,” the restaurant will serve a variety of items usually reserved for fairs, like cookie fries, corn dogs, and funnel cake fries. (Hold up. “Funnel cake fries”?? Why haven’t I ever heard/stuffed my face with these things?)

If you’re not in the Dallas area, don’t give up hope that your cookie-fry dreams will someday be fulfilled. Rousso plans to expand State Fair Treats across the Dallas region and then possibly across the country. All I can say is this:

Images: elementus/Pixabay; bestfooddallas/Instagram; Giphy