How To Use "Rest Finger To Open" In iOS 10

When it comes to technology, sometimes simpler is better. For example, when we want to get into our phones, we want to get into them now. That's why knowing how to use "rest finger to open" in iOS 10 is such a good hack to have under your belt: If you're not wild about the default setting of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system requiring you to actually press the home button to unlock your phone, there's (happily!) a way around it.

Sure, having to click a few extra buttons here and there isn't truly the end of the world, but many of us like our technology to be streamlined and easy to use. We generally, too, enjoy having things meet our own preferences. So if you're someone who likes your beloved gadgets to work pretty darn immediately (and let's be honest: Who among us doesn't feel that way?), you're in luck. It's actually really easy to toggle the "rest finger to open" setting in iOS 10 on and off.

Even better? The awesome team over at MacRumors recently broke down the exact steps for how to navigate these particular settings. In fact, they were even kind enough to illustrate it through a handy little video, so there is absolutely no confusion on the steps. Watch the full video below for more tricks and tips, and scroll down to see the step-by-step instructions:

1. Tap "Settings"

Once you're unlocked your iPhone, the first thing you'll want to do is tap on your "Settings" menu.

2. Tap "General"

Within the Settings menu, you'll see "General" as an option. Tap it!

3. Tap "Accessibility"

Once you've hit "General," tap on "Accessibility."

4. Find The "Home Button" Option

Next, scroll down to find the words "Home Button"; then tap on them. This brings us to our final step...

5. Toggle The "Rest Finger To Open" Switch

Last but not least, you simply hit the "Rest Finger To Open" switch. Once you see it toggled "on" (it'll look green), you'll know you are all set! The changes are immediate, so you don't need to worry about restarting your phone or anything else. Lucky us!

And there you have it! Now you don't need to take that extra step to "click" the home button to unlock your phone. Pretty sweet, right?

Images: MacRumors/Youtube (5)