11 Angry Tweets About Fallon's Trump Interview

We can all admit to being just slightly curious when it comes to Donald Trump's hair — it's basically been his mascot during this presidential race. The Republican presidential nominee may have begun his announcement for president on the running joke of all the different things his hair resembles (dried corn husk? an omelet? troll doll-like?). But election day is less than two months away and there are bigger questions facing Trump than his hair. Jimmy Fallon, though, did not seem to think so. People want to hear Trump answer some hard-hitting questions and these 11 tweets about Fallon's Trump interview show that they weren't pleased with how it went down.

On the Sept. 15 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the main takeaway from Fallon's interview with Trump was pretty anti-climactic. Fallon asked Trump some soft questions about his campaign, media coverage, the polls, and then he ruffled his hair. While Fallon is known for his more light-hearted skits with his celebrity guests, his interview with Trump highlighted the problem of how the media continues to perpetuate Trump and his ideology.

Either by giving him increased airtime or not questioning him when he makes shocking statements, as NBC's Matt Lauer failed to do last week, Trump coverage is at a critical boiling point right now. These 11 tweets show how unhappy people are with Trump not being held accountable during his Fallon interview:

Trump's brand of presidency is one that thrives on entertainment value combined with political incorrectness. Instead of critically dissecting that, Fallon only served to further legitimize the GOP nominee's antics. On Thursday, the day the skit aired, Trump explained his economic plan (which is crazy) and continued to question President Obama's American citizenship (again). Fallon failed to question Trump on either of these two bizarre statements, and instead, his focus on ruffling up Trump's hair was self-indulgent and stale.

Fallon isn't a journalist, but his show is watched by millions of viewers and voters, and this interview didn't add anything to the conversation. The jokes about Trump's hair is as old as his refusal to believe Obama is actually American.