The Best Memes To Dress Up As This Hallow-meme

Still trying to decide on what you want to be for Halloween? As Oct. 31 fast approaches, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time scrolling through the entire Internet for inspiration. Here for your viewing pleasure is a list of the best 2016 meme Halloween costume ideas! Each of these original costumes are on-trend and won't break the bank either. Ghosts, witches, and cats have been done a thousand times, so why not turn your regular ol' Halloween a "Hallow-meme" by donning one of these oh so topical outfits.

With the election cycle, the Olympics, and some epic pop culture moments, 2016 has been an excellent year for memes. Hundreds of humorous images, videos, and quotes have gone viral over the course of the last ten months, popping up on your Twitter-feed or Tumblr. Memes have gotten more attention than ever this year from serious news outlets for gamely satirizing the election — with Hillary Clinton being hailed as "the queen of meme" (though Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are tied for second place). What better way is there to pay homage to this crazy year than by dressing up as one of it's wacky Internet trends?

Here are a few ideas to make your Halloween meme-worthy:

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1. Damn, Daniel

Daniel, the notoriously fashionable teenage boy from California, became one of the first big memes of the year. The viral video gained 45 million views over just a few days in February. If you let Daniel be your Halloween inspiration, people can't help but say "Damn!" All you need to achieve Daniel's West Coast preppy-skater look is a Stussy Classic Logo Shirt , $34, Urban Outfitters , some Mid-Wash Jeans , $18, Amazon , a Denim Button Down , $25, Amazon, a trendy Maroon Backpack, $26, Amazon, and of course, Daniel wouldn't be Daniel if he wasn't "back at it again with those white Vans", White Vans, $33, Amazon.

2. Dat Boi

O sh*t, this is whaddup:

The old school 3D computer animation of a frog riding a unicycle invaded Tumblr and came back with vengeance in 2016 as one of the best memes of early spring. Walking down the street, people will bow before your greatness shouting "Here come dat boi!" and "O sh*t waddup!" All you need is a Frog Costume, $52, Amazon and a Unicycle, $76, Walmart. So easy!

3. Tiny Drake

Drake dropped his latest album Views From The Six in April, and the cover art quickly became a meme-spiration. You can even use this awesome website to put tiny Drakes on all your pictures — so why not put tiny Drakes on your Halloween costume? Simply download this image of tiny Drake, magnify the size so that he is a little more visible, and print out as many as you want. Use a pair of Scissors, $3, Amazon to cut out your Drakes and apply said tiny Drakes to clothing with Fashion Tape, $8, Amazon. For extra points, add some Drake-esque accessories such as a Fur-Lined Parka , $60, Nelly and perhaps even a mug for all his tears Drake Tears Mug , $16, Amazon. He feels so much!

When in doubt: put a Drake on it!

4. Arthur's Fist

All you need to make this '90s nostalgia come to life is a Yellow Sweater , $23, Amazon, Retro High-Rise Jeans , $20, Amazon, Round Glasses, $11, Amazon, Red Chuck Taylors, $50, Amazon and, of course, a balled up fist (**free**).

5. "Hold The Door" Hodor

We are all still crying about that scene.

During Season six of Game of Thrones we experienced the loss of a very special character that left many GoT fans in tears. What better way is there to celebrate the life of Hodor than to "hold the door" this Halloween. All you will need is a brown or Grey Robe or Tunic, $35, Amazon, a few brown belts to strap around your chest and stomach, Brown Leather Belt, $19, American Eagle, a leather backpack or sack for carrying your buddy Bran, Leather Backpack, $26, Shein, and some Grey Hairspray or Pomade, $10, NewChic — though you can go with a short grey wig as well. Be sure to position yourself near doors on Halloween so you can say your big line, "Hodor! Hodor! Hodooooor!"

6. Primitive Spongebob/SpongeGar/Caveman Spongebob

All you need to be the summer's most primal meme is a Yellow Bodysuit , $25, Amazon, a Spongebob Costume, $23, Amazon, brown suede to make the Loincloth, $8 per yard, Etsy, and a Brown Fabric Marker , $4, Michaels, to give your Spongebob that unshaven caveman look!

7. Skai Jackson

Get Skai Jackson's meme look with the blue Laser Cut Dress , $134, Amazon , Gold Strappy Sandals, $49, Amazon, and a Long Wig, $16, PinkQueen. Make sure you have somewhere to sit and wait expectantly.

8. #Phelpsface

Michael Phelps may be one of the most decorated Olympians of all-time, he also makes some pretty amazing faces in pictures. To get that pool-ready look all you need is Speedo Shorts, $50, Surfstitch, Headphones, $22, Amazon, a Zip-Up Hoodie, $21, PinkQueen which you can make look sporty with Red Fashion Tape, $9, Amazon, Swim Shoes , $23, Amazon , and don't forget that grumpy frown!

9. Donald J. Trump

With Nov. 8 on the horizon, this topical costume is sure to get you a lot of angry looks. All you need is blonde Combover Wig , $9, Amazon uninformed policies, a bad temper, a Blue Blazer , $12, Amazon, a Red Tie ,$10, Bowsnties, and a bunch of Bronzing Powder, $27, Nordstrom. "Locker room talk" not included (please).

10. Chewbacca Mask Lady

This is possibly the simplest of all the costumes to pull-off. All you need is an electronic Chewbacca Mask, $28, Amazon, a hearty sense of humor, and a black t-shirt. Be prepared for people to ask you "What's so funny?" all night.

11. Bernie Or Hillary

You are going to have to get a little crafty to make this DIY political meme work as a costume. Download your choice of Bernie Vs. Hillary meme, and have it enlarged and printed at your local print shop. Paste it to a poster board and cut out the faces. Use elastic bands or string to make straps on the board to secure it to your body. To turn the meme into a couple's costume, you and your special friend can buy a Bernie and Hillary mask, and simply hold paper signs with your different "issues."

12. Beyonce "Formation" Costume

There are so many great looks in Beyonce's iconic music video, but this one is sure to slay. For this nod to the Queen Bey all you need is with a Black Off-The-Shoulder Dress , $14, Amazon , a Black Felt Wide-Brim Hat , $26, Amazon, Dark Red Matte Lipstick, $34, Nordstrom, and lots of Layered Silver Jewelry, $16, Tobi. Finish the look with two tight braids, and two middle fingers proudly in the air.

13. Bill Clinton Playing With Balloons

We all fondly remember Bill Clinton's expression of sheer joy and discovery during the balloon drop at the DNC. It was as if Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine had never seen balloons before, and they were so excited to play with them! All you need to mimic this magic moment is a Grey Wig , $14, Amazon, a Black Suit , $120, Amazon , a Red Power Tie, $15, NordstromRack, and a whole bunch of red, white, and Blue Balloons, $6, Amazon.

14. Nasty Woman — "Madame President" If Ya Nasty

To achieve the perfect Hillary Clinton and Janet Jackson mashup, from the music video "Nasty Boys" all you need is a black turtleneck ($15, CharlotteRusse), a Black Blazer With Shoulder Pads, $32, WithChic, Silver Necklace, $30, Amazon, High-Waisted Black Pants, $76, RiverIsland, and Black Kitten Heels, $45, Amazon. Most of what is required for the costume is probably already hanging in your closet!

15. Dancing Pumpkin Man

Could the Dancing Pumpkin Man be the best Halloween costume ever? This throwback meme gains thousands of views every year around Halloween season, and is so ridiculously funny. All that is required for this simple yet festive look is a Black Unitard, $10, Amazon, Black Turtleneck , $27, Amazon , a Jack-O-Lantern Mask, $8, Amazon. Go forth and dance Pumpkin Man! Dance!

16. Mr. Krabs Blur

Achieve costume perfection as everyone's favorite Spongebob Squarepants character. All it takes to pull off this nostalgia-tastic ensemble is a pair of Giant Lobster/Crab Costume Claws, $23, Amazon, an Eye Bopper Headband, $11, Amazon, and a Blue Button Down Shirt , $19, Amazon. Don't forget to have a confused look on your face!

17. Creepy Clown Sightings

2016 has been marked with hundreds of documented clown sightings across the U.S. and Canada, and now these creepy occurrences have gone international. With #ifIseeaclown trending on Twitter, this topical costume is sure to spook even the toughest of your friends. All you need for this look is a terrifying clown costume (aren't all clown costumes terrifying?) Clown Costume, $59, Amazon and a pair of Binoculars , $30, Kmart. Ugh, I just gave myself the shivers.

18. "The Cask of Amontillado"

In October of 2016, a meme gained popularity on Tumblr with an esoteric literary origin. The 1846 short story by Edgar Allan Poe "The Cask of Amontillado" seems an unlikely source to spark hundreds of jokes, but it's references have flooded the Internet. In the story, an Italian nobleman lures his friend dressed as a Jester into his cellar, chains him up, and builds a wall trapping the hapless fool inside. This meme is perfect inspo for a dark Halloween theme, and all you need to pull the look off is a Jester Costume , $31, Amazon , Wine Glass $24, Amazon, and bottle of red wine or a W ine Decanter , $30, Amazon . Make a sign that reads "This way to cellar" and you've got yourself a meme-rific highbrow costume!

19. "Don't Talk to Me or My Son Ever Again"

This meme is one of the stranger ones to come out of 2016. It is literally just an animal, person, or thing next to a tinier, slightly different version. This costume is fairly easy to accomplish, so let your imagination run wild with the multitudinous options that are sure to delight and surprise! For the Yoshi version all you need is a Yoshi Costume , $37, Amazon and a Yoshi doll, $5, Etsy.

20. "#Tea Lizard"

A "mistake" tweeted by Good Morning America in June invoked the wrath of the entire Internet — and now this viral image makes the perfect costume! All it takes to be this popular tea-drinking reptile is a Frog Costume, $52, Amazon, a Glass Tea Set , $16, Amazon , and some refreshing Lipton Iced Tea , $16, Amazon . It's not easy being green :(

Happy Halloween!

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